Coinsbank gives clients all the essential products and services to maximize their Blockchain experience. The company provides you with a wallet, exchange, merchant, mobile app, and Bitcoin debit cards. These products bring you convenience as you use cryptocurrencies.

One of Coinsbank’s products is the debit card that is also linked to the wallet. Before you can use the card, remember to transfer some funds from your wallet. After that, you can use the card as much as you want to.

4 Types of Coinsbank Card

Coinsbank offers four different cards depending on how you will use it. You can also order one or all of these to enjoy its benefits.

  1. Named Card – this card requires you to get it personally. This physical card is also limited to residents of non-restricted countries. Another reason to buy this card is because of its low fees and commission.
  2. Named White Card – this is a special physical card that also has low commissions just like the Named card. Also, you will never have to pay for the card’s monthly fee because it is free.
  3. Virtual Card – this is one of the two virtual cards you can get from Coinsbank. This card is limited but you can get it within minutes. Also, it is best used for online payments.
  4. Virtual Prepaid Card – if you own the Virtual card, then you will enjoy the same features when using the prepaid version. But unlike the other, this card is preloaded in Euro, US Dollar, and British Pound.

What the Coinsbank Card Can Do for You

Regular users and Bitcoin gamers use the Coinsbank card because it saves them both time and effort. Here are some features that will benefit all kinds of users.

Simplify Process

A Bitcoin poker player, for example, can use this card to deposit funds into his account. Other bettors who aim to get as many Bitcoin casino bonus deals or Bitcoin free spins can also make use of the features of this card. What is great about this Bitcoin debit card is that it saves you the trouble of switching platforms just to use Bitcoin.

Give Rewards

This Bitcoin debit card provides you with a cashback bonus for every cent that you spend using your card. This means that the more you use the card, the more bonuses and rewards you receive.

Be Flexible

There is a mobile app for you to manage your expenses. Through this app, you can easily check if the payment is correct. You can download this app on your phone, whether it runs on the iOS or Android platform.