If you are a client of Coinbase, you might have heard about the Shift card. But if this is your first time, then Shift card is one of Bitcoin debit cards that work like a regular debit card. But the difference is that it contains cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin users, especially Bitcoin casino gamers have been using this card as well. This card is able to help players deposit into their casino accounts to play online games like Bitcoin dice and Bitcoin poker.

How Shift stands out from other debit cards

You can connect this debit card to your Coinbase wallet and therefore perform transactions like transferring funds. The Shift card also lets you connect to Dwalla. Also, you can check your balance and expenses through your wallet. Not only that, you can also add and edit your account info through your wallet.

Apart from those, you can also purchase online and from your local stores using this card. As of this writing, this card allows you to buy from almost 38 stores. At the same time, you can withdraw funds using it. The ATM will immediately convert your cryptocurrencies to fiat currency. Unfortunately, withdrawals using this card have a fixed price.

More so, unlike other debit cards, this card does not have a monthly fee, a maintenance fee, and transaction fees. There are also no claw backs and you will not be issued with any fee for inactivity.

Why use Shift card

Shift is linked to Coinbase, a popular and reliable wallet and exchange. With its good reputation, clients are confident that the card offers advantages as well. True enough, the card is easy and convenient to use.

It is also important to know that you are only limited to a daily purchase of $1,000. If you wish to lift this limit, you can request for a change from the Shift support team. For withdrawals, a user can only cash out a maximum of $500 per day if they have either a Dwalla account. A maximum of $200 per day, however, is required from Coinbase account holders.

If you wish to buy the card, you must sign up with the official website. The site will require you to provide your date of birth, address, and social security number. Do not worry because the company will make sure that no one will steal your information. Once you finish answering the form, you just have to wait for five to seven business days before you can receive your card.