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RoBET is an Ethereum-based sportsbook platform that revolutionizes online betting through ROBET tokens and advanced blockchain-based technologies.

RoBET is not just any other decentralized platforms available on the market. It is an Ethereum-based sportsbook platform. It prioritizes the players’ safety and interests through the use of blockchain technologies like smart contracts.

Developed from 2016 to 2017, the RoBET platform boasts key features that address controversial market conditions. Some of these are fixed house-favorable odds, capped maximum bet amounts, and unreasonably high fees.

But what truly makes the RoBET sportsbook platform a clear stand-out for sports bettors is its use of advanced blockchain technologies. One of these is ROBET. This is an ERC-20 token that you can easily use to enjoy a safe and worry-free betting online. With ROBET tokens and smart contracts, prepare for a revolutionized sports betting experience.

Maximize Improved Sports Betting with ROBET tokens

The entire platform of RoBET runs using its own ERC-20 token called ROBET. Created by the RoBET foundation, ROBET token is the lifeblood of this ecosystem. It will enable all actions to be performed, specifically betting and the collection of funds.

The ROBET token has a total supply of 102,102,102 and will be made available through a pre-sale and a public sale. ROBET is now available on LAToken and Yobit exchanges, with the public sale happening in Q1 2019.

10 Benefits You’ll Enjoy When Using RoBET Platform

RoBET was not created to be just another addition to the growing online gaming market. Instead, it aims to revolutionize sports betting through the use of blockchain-based technologies. And with this platform, you will experience these:

#1 No More House-Favorable Odds

Unlike in other online sportsbooks, RoBET makes sure that there will be no central authority or house. This set-up guarantees you a safer and worry-free gaming. No more manipulated odds and more of friendly competitions among sports bettors.

#2 Much Lower Fees

Some sportsbooks charge players with unreasonably higher fees. But with this sportsbook platform, you will pay low fees and have access to the payment history of all parties on the platform.

#3 Simple and Fast Payouts

This platform carefully designs its payout system to be quick and simple. When a sports event closes and you finish with a win, your earnings will go straight to your wallet. You can then transfer the ROBET tokens to your chosen wallet or exchange to withdraw the funds. Even better is the fact that these transactions do not require any verification or confirmation.

#4 Uncapped Winning Limits

You are in full control of how much you want to win. There are no maximum bets here. And this is perfect if you want to take the risk and wager much larger bets for your chosen sports events.

#5 Newbie and Pro-Friendly

This sportsbook platform opens its doors to both professional and novice players. Anyone can anonymously and securely place bets using ROBET tokens.

#6 Knowledge Sharing Economy

RoBET has created a system that can help new bettors think and play like a pro. Professional sports betting players can then share their knowledge with the RoBET community and get paid. This unique system is interactive and works for both types of players.

#7 Real-Time Information and Advanced Statistics

You will enjoy AI-powered betting all throughout. Artificial intelligence bots are present in the platform. They provide up-to-date data feed and statistics. These data will help you make better decisions in betting and have more chances to win big.

#8 More Betting Combinations

Whether or not you are an expert is out of the question, thanks to the RoBET betting wizard. This tool will help you see which other bets are perfect for whichever available sports events. This is a proprietary tool and is perfect for bettors who are looking for variety and better winning opportunities.

#9 Live Broadcasts of Sports Events

Other sportsbooks already offer live streams, but most of the time they only cover the major events. RoBET changes this. It will feature even the smallest of sports events through a cutting-edge fully automated sports production solution.

#10 Anonymous Betting

Say “goodbye” to complicated identification processes with this sports betting platform. Since it is based on the Ethereum blockchain, you no longer need to go through several steps of registration before you can start placing bets.



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