DICE Wallet Offers Convenience To Crypto Users

Apr 25, 2016
DICE Wallet

DICE Wallet

Storing and transferring cryptocurrencies will no longer be such daunting tasks once Bitcoin and altcoin users download the DICE Wallet mobile wallet app on their smartphones. Initially launched as in iOS mobile wallet, DICE Wallet finally made its debut on Google Play, enabling Android users to get their hands on this cryptocurrency mobile wallet app.

Unveiled in February 2016, DICE Wallet is the product of Mythology Holdings, a company based in Singapore and spearheaded by Takuya Hashiyada. Unlike the typical Bitcoin wallets and mobile wallets widely available today, Hashiyada’s DICE Wallet boasts distinct features that simplify the daily transactions made by anyone opting to use Bitcoin or selected altcoins.

Core features but made even better

The main defining aspect of DICE Wallet is its ability to send and store multiple cryptocurrencies—an uncommon feature in most online and mobile wallets. While Bitcoin may be at the top of the heap, other crytpocurrencies are also beginning to gain ground like Ripple, Startcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

DICE Wallet handles these four altcoins alongside Bitcoin, and this means users can conveniently use this wallet to accommodate transactions made with these five cryptocoins. In a few swipes, wallet users can have a quick overview of their balance, especially when purchasing items or transferring cryptos.

Moreover, this wallet boasts its optimization to send funds to anyone, even those without a digital currency wallet. An email address will serve as the primary information needed for any transactions to push through without delay.

DICE Wallet Android

Security a top priority

Amid the hacking incidents, malware attacks, and unauthorized access to wallets, security is definitely an aspect that must be strengthened. This is the case with DICE Wallet.

The digital currency wallet utilizes effective user-account verification that ensures that the stored funds will be left untouched other than the owner. This is coupled with excellent encryption on all data communication, meeting industry standards. Additionally, the DICE Wallet app for the iOS platform receives an extra layer of protection with the Touch ID protection and passcode.

With the DICE Wallet designed to address the common gripes of the average Bitcoin and altcoin consumers, this mobile wallet may simply open the door for other developers to innovate and improve the current market products.

Convenient for practical uses

Not everyone uses Bitcoin, and not every cryptocurrency user knows about altcoins. There are different markets when it comes to digital currencies, but DICE Wallet unites simplifies this process through its mobile app. In fact, this is perfect for buying gifts, tipping, and even online gambling.

DICE Wallet Cryptocurrencies

The Bitcoin casino market, for instance, continues to grow as more online casinos begin to accept Bitcoin and some altcoins. More notable are the gambling websites that cater to different altcoins like Litecoin, Dogecoin, and others used for wagering on altcoin and Bitcoin games.

The regular players on FortuneJack, an online casino primarily serving the cryptocurrency bettors, will benefit from this setup as they can now easily transfer funds of the supported crytpos to their betting accounts. There are many other online casinos that have already integrated Bitcoin and some altcoins into their system. Thus, finding an online wallet that can support both Bitcoin and altcoins will be a plus. DICE Wallet, after all, can be a Bitcoin wallet for online gambling.