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Stability, liquidity, and speeds faster than Bitcoin make Ethereum a standout in the crypto community. This may also explain why online casinos love it. Select your favorite Ethereum gambling site and start playing!

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What is Ethereum?

best ethereum gambling site

Ethereum is a community-run technology powering the cryptocurrency called Ether (ETH) and thousands of related, decentralized applications. It’s a part of a booming economy that relies upon digital currency, and a way of global payment that is open to everyone who has a decent internet connection.

Before you even enter an online Ethereum casino, you will have a chance to buy things using Ethereum, sell them, borrow, stream funds, or earn interest by staking Ethereum. Apart from Ethereum casinos, you can use this crypto in the NFT market – anything yours can be represented and traded as a non-fungible token, and if you decide to “tokenize” your creations, you will earn royalties every time said NFT is re-sold.

Why you should invest in Ethereum over other cryptocurrencies?

Investing in Ethereum is a smart move for individuals, investors, and businesses. Apart from the apparent conveniences such as playing at an Ethereum casino, or selling and buying thighs, investing in Ethereum can open new opportunities thanks to the visionary and inventive nature of the platform.

Ethereum is a platform that incentivizes innovations and new technology, and we are not talking only about NFTs, but sustainable energy sharing, healthcare records imprinted in blockchain, and more.

Bottom line, investing in Ethereum can be very lucrative not only in terms of profit margins, stakes, and selling. Using Ethereum, people and businesses can attain a higher level of interconnectivity thus making every other aspect of their lives and professions much easier and possibly profitable.

Getting Started With Ethereum Gambling Sites

We know it sounds intimidating, but do not worry. Entering an Ethereum online casino and playing games is nothing to fear, just follow a few simple steps listed below, and you will be prepared for everything a casino can throw at you.

ethereum wallet

Create a wallet that supports Ethereum

Number one, choose a crypto wallet that supports Ethereum, which shouldn’t be hard since a lot of wallets are Ethereum-friendly. Remember, after Bitcoin, Ethereum is the strongest cryptocurrency in the world both in terms of value and validity. Our advice is to pick a wallet that serves as an exchange office for cryptos. That way, you will not be forced to buy and/or exchange cryptos at crypto-exchange sites, or even worse, in a casino, which may introduce fees and commissions of its own.

Once you start creating your wallet, just follow the instructions provided by the host. Fill in all the details and do not save your passphrase in a digital format. Write it down on a piece of paper and store it safely. The last annoying thing you will have to do is pass the KYC (know your customer) procedure. The least tedious way to do it is to prepare all your relevant documents in advance, and send them to the wallet customer support upon request.

Documents you might use for KYC procedure are: Valid state-issued ID Valid passport Valid driver’s license Your last utility bill with an address and your name on it Your banking info relevant to casino deposits A selfie of you holding your credit card, or some other acceptable document

buy ether

Buy Ether from a crypto exchange site

If you took our advice and went for a wallet with a crypto exchange option, then skip this. Buying Ethereum this way is very easy and intuitive: Open the wallet, choose Ether, buy it, and it should land in your wallet. If not, you might have to rely on crypto-exchange websites, which may involve yet another KYC procedure before you are fully registered and capable of buying and selling cryptos.

Once you become a proud owner of Ethereum, transfer it to your wallet. This is much faster with a QR code. If one is not provided, you are likely to do it all by hand. Always keep in mind that transfer fees may apply.

choose online casino

Pick an online casino that accepts Ethereum

This is probably the most intense, but also the most satisfying moment in the whole process. Finding the best Ethereum casinos is not an easy job, but you have our casino reviews to rely upon. For now, your only concern is to find a casino that accepts Ethereum.

We advise you to make a list of all potential candidates and to choose the best by the process of elimination – start from terms and conditions, and restrictions, all the way to bonuses, wagering, and games. Once there, opening a casino account is extremely easy.

Follow the instructions, type in your personal details, and keep in mind that some casinos will require another KYC procedure that you have to pass. The KYC ought to kick in as soon as you want to withdraw any money or engage in casino games, tournaments, and incentives that require fully verified accounts.

make a deposit

Make a deposit/Link your crypto wallet

Once you successfully create your casino account, it’s time to settle deposit and withdrawal technicalities. Go to the payment section and select Ethereum, scan the QR code of your wallet and type the amount of Ethereum you wish to deposit into the casino. This shouldn’t take long, depending on the congestion rate on the Ethereum platform.

On the other hand, if it’s the pure crypto casino you’re in, you can easily link your wallet with the casino account. That way, you cut off the middleman, and all of your bets and winnings are added or subtracted automatically from your account. Just a reminder, make sure to comply with casino rules such as the maximum deposit limit per transaction.

Additionally, in most casinos, a VIP program can influence your deposits and withdrawals. Should you manage to climb high enough on a VIP ladder, the chances are you will enjoy higher withdrawal limits and better casino deals altogether.

play casino games

Enjoy your casino games

It may sound strange, but in order to win big you have to love the casino games you play. Finding a good Ethereum casino that host great games is crucial for success. Do your homework and find a good Ethereum online casino with superior games that you truly like and have fun with. The rest is pure luck, or in some cases – skill.

Ethereum Online Casinos

Ethereum casinos are the most popular crypto casino sites in the world, second only to Bitcoin casinos. Finding an Ethereum casino with provably fair games and lucrative bonuses and promotions is not a challenging task these days, but it used to be much more difficult just a few years ago. When it comes to technical advancement, the newest thing in the world of online gambling and sports betting are cryptos invented by some casinos in particular.

Do not be surprised if you run into an Ethereum casino that deals mostly with its own cryptocurrency, which you can naturally convert into other cryptos or fiat currencies in some cases. Note that terms like ETH gambling sites are not in everyday use. When referring to an online casino that accepts cryptos, including Ethereum, people usually say Bitcoin casino or crypto casino in most cases. After all, it is hard to imagine that players will start using terms like ETH casino, Mbit casino, or Ethereum casino any time soon.

Still, for this purpose and text, we shall stick to the definition “Ethereum casino”. The most important thing is this: Ethereum casinos are here to stay for a long, long time. We can help you find an appropriate Ethereum casino site that suits your needs properly, and luckily you have a vast amount of crypto casinos to choose from. But first, let’s talk about the two main types of Ethereum casinos you can play at.

Pure vs Hybrid crypto casino

Unofficially, there are two types of Ethereum gambling sites. The so-called pure Ethereum casinos do not accept fiat currencies and you can claim a welcome bonus and make deposits and withdrawals using nothing but cryptos. You can, however, exchange different cryptos between themselves.

For instance, you can open your Ethereum casino account and exchange your Ethereum into Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, or any other cryptocurrency supported by said online casino. Even better, you can link your Ethereum wallet directly to the Ethereum casino and start making deposits and withdrawals not only super-fast but free of all transaction fees as well.

Then there are hybrid Ethereum casinos. Unlike traditional casinos and pure Ethereum casinos, hybrid Ethereum casinos accept your fiat currency and exchange it for the cryptocurrency of your choice, preferably crypto that is supported by the said casino. You still can not use a fiat currency to play casino games and make wagers, but your deposit and withdrawal can be done using a fiat currency. As with all other crypto casinos, both pure and hybrid casinos are referred to as just Bitcoin casinos in everyday communication.

Ethereum Casino Games

Ethereum casinos offer various casino games you can play using either Ethereum or real money converted into cryptos. Unlike less popular cryptos – such as Tron, Cardano, Solana, and others – you can actually find a decent amount of games specially designed to be played with Ethereum.

Not to mention, the number of Ethereum casinos outnumbers casinos that support less popular (and valuable) cryptocurrencies such as those listed above.

bitcoin online casino slots

Ethereum online slots

Online slots are one the most popular and well-represented games in every Ethereum casino. Slot games can be played using many different cryptos, usually Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and cryptos invented by casinos themselves.

You can use Ethereum to claim free spins, and even play slots directly. Your best picks are probably exclusive slots made especially for cryptos and casinos who make them in collaboration with game providers.

bitcoin casino table games

Ethereum table games

With live casinos getting better and better, table games are slowly becoming a thing of the past. But this is not to say that you cannot enjoy well-made table games using Ethereum or other cryptos.

Casino table games are usually played with real money, most commonly the American dollar, Euro, or any other regular currency. so finding a casino site with slot games you can play for cryptos is somewhat rare. Fortunately, a lot of pure crypto casinos are starting to introduce their own cryptos, made specifically for such scenarios where another crypto is hard, or impossible to deploy.

live casino bitcoin

Ethereum live casino games

Live dealer games are probably the most exciting casino game segment in the entire industry, and they are slowly taking over the crypto market as well. Some of the best Ethereum casinos steadily feature live casino games you can play using Bitcoin or Ethereum, although in most casinos fiat currencies still have the advantage.

This trend is slowly shifting towards crypto players and every day more and more live games emerge with Ethereum being one of the supported currencies you can play with.

sports betting bitcoin

Ethereum sports betting

As with any other Ethereum casino segment, sports betting can also be tackled using nothing but cryptos. In order to do so, you have to join a casino site that features not only traditional casino games, but also sports, virtual sports, and other novelty games. Whether it is a pure or hybrid casino, once there, the procedure remains the same.

You place bets in cryptos and collect your winnings using the same currency. Only, when the time comes for you to withdraw your funds, the type of casino will determine your payment method. Pure casinos let you withdraw cryptos, and hybrid casinos dabble with fiat currencies as well.

Ethereum Casino Bonuses

When it comes to casino bonuses and promotions, it is still very hard to find an offer specifically indexed in Ethereum. Even the best ETH casinos have deposit bonus offers in Bitcoin rather than Ethereum, but this is hardly a deal breaker. You can claim a deposit bonus indexed in Bitcoin and convert it into Ethereum in no time, provided that a casino supports ETH in the first place.

In fact, we are positive that over time, almost every deposit bonus in all crypto-related casinos will be Ethereum-friendly. There are a couple of things you have to be careful about when choosing deposit bonus offers, from minimum deposit bonus requirements to wagering, but more on that in our articles dedicated to bonuses and wagering.

crypto casino sign in bonus

Ethereum welcome bonus

A welcome bonus is the most important casino incentive there is, and thanks to the explosion of crypto gambling sites, one can claim an Ethereum-based welcome bonus in no time. Now, it would be unrealistic to expect that Ethereum is equally supported as Bitcoin, but the best casinos that dabble in crypto should allow for a crypto bonus in Ethereum.

However, in some casinos, you have to convert them into Bitcoin, or vice versa, or eventually, a casino can facilitate an exchange of your real money into Bitcoin so you could claim a particular welcome bonus. Keep in mind that crypto bonuses are by far the best in the entire industry.

No other bonuses can compare to Bitcoin and crypto bonuses in general, so we encourage players to take advantage of them whenever they can. The bonus money is way higher than in all other casino incentives, and payouts and deposits are lightning quick.

crypto casino reload bonus

Ethereum reload bonus

Once you deplete your welcome bonus, you have to rely on these bonuses in order to replenish your bankroll from time to time, hence the name reload bonus. As you might’ve guessed, finding a reload bonus indexed in ETH is quite rare. But do not despair – almost all crypto-friendly casinos accept Ethereum for a bonus indexed in Bitcoin.

When all is said and done, your best option is to find a casino with a substantial and frequent reload bonus, paired with low wagering, and to claim it using your supply of Ether. The key here is to aim for a casino that accepts all cryptos because as we said, in terms of popularity and value Ether is second only to Bitcoin.

crypto casino cashback bonus

Ethereum cashback

A cashback bonus is designed to give back a player a little of his or her lost money. As with most bonuses, a cashback can be daily, weekly, or monthly – and the percentages vary. Generous casinos usually let you have around 10% to 20% of your lost money, and stingy casinos pay from 5% to 10%.

Whenever you claim a cashback bonus, pure casinos pay out using the same currency you set your account to or the same crypto you have used for gambling. Hybrid casinos, on the other hand, have a tendency to deliver cashback bonuses using fiat currencies. Whenever possible, opt for the cashback offered in cryptos, usually Bitcoin, and convert the funds into Ethereum later on.

bitcoin casino free spins

Ethereum free spins

Free spins are another no-brainer, it just depends on the casino you’re in. If a casino is offering free spins for crypto users, there is a huge chance you are allowed to claim them using your Ether. In our experience, only a handful of casinos are accepting only Bitcoin, and even those that are limited to Btc usually have an exchange rate for all supported cryptocurrencies.

The best part about crypto free spins is exclusive games made especially for crypto sites. Slots such as these hardly differ from their original clones and the mechanics’ odds and gameplay are identical. What differs, however, is that they are for cryptos by design and if you have a lot of Ether literally nothing can stop you because these slots accept ETH by a large margin.

vip casino bonus

Ethereum VIP program

Due to its decentralized and less regulated nature, crypto VIP programs can offer a lot better deals than their fiat counterparts. Finding a good VIP is not a question of life and death, but an Ethereum casino with a rewarding VIP, or loyalty scheme, is a very important asset.

Similar to regular casino bonuses, crypto VIP bonuses are usually more generous, offering bigger prizes and better terms and conditions. This is not some sort of rule, but it happens more than not. Just make sure to check all the pros and cons, including wagering requirements and what are the supported games for VIP program advancement, comp points, or rewards.

The Advantages of Using Ethereum

Each cryptocurrency comes with a set of pros and cons that need to be considered thoroughly, especially if you wish to find one that suits your gaming needs perfectly. First, let’s take a look at some advantages of owning Ether.

Decentralization and deployment

Ether is a highly decentralized platform, depending on knowledge and trust distribution among its members. Businesses have to build a blockchain from nothing and can use it straight away. As a highly decentralized currency, Ether is safe from interferences coming from all directions – be it individuals, private enterprises, or state banks.

Faster than Bitcoin

Ether has significantly faster transactions than its main competitor Bitcoin (15:7 in one second), and if the network is not congested too much you can withdraw money from the Ethereum casino in no time. Compared to credit cards and bank accounts, cryptos offer unbelievably faster payouts.

Stability and security

Fully anonymous, ultra-quick, and extremely safe – these are the main assets of Ethereum casinos. While it might seem logical that well-regulated and centralized financial processes offer a higher protection level, in reality, it is quite the opposite. Crypto transactions on the blockchain are crypto-secured and every single transaction is verified by nods run by real people like me and you. Being immutable, all transactions are “written for good” and near-impossible to hack, even for a person who uploaded the data.


Ether is without any doubt one of the most liquid assets in the world today. With relatively low operating costs, you can deal with cash, commodities, services, or even gold. Additionally, you can always stake Ether and receive a passive income without the need to sell your ETH in online casinos in the first place.

The Disadvantages of Using Ethereum

Now let’s take a look at some of the downsides of doing business with Ether. We firmly believe that the benefits outweigh the downsides by a mile, but some Ethereum flaws might convince people to deal with another crypto entirely.

Not everyone accepts Ethereum

Unlike some cryptocurrencies available to us, ETH gambling sites are quite common these days, and finding the best Ethereum casino sites is relatively easy. Top Ethereum casino sites are much more frequent than online casino sites that accept Cardano, Tether, or Tron.

Having said that, the best Ethereum casinos are not as common as Bitcoin online casinos. Sooner or later you will run into an online casino that supports Bitcoin, but not Ether. Similarly, popular casino games featured on online gambling sites are much more likely to be designed for Bitcoin, but as said before, casinos that accept Ethereum are not as scarce as they once were.

Scaling issues

Blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin have a low TPS rate, which can lead to some serious scalability issues. This is due to the fact that nodes relay validations and block transactions to the entire network, and every single node does it. Ethereum operates at a rate of only 15 transactions per second, which can lead to higher gas fees and other complications during rush hour.

High volatility

Even the best Ethereum casinos cannot save you from the sheer volatility of cryptos like Ether. Investing in Ethereum is risky; you can lose or gain money in a split second. Ethereum gambling involves such a risk and you must be prepared for sudden price jumps and drops, which is why Ether presents a liability for serious investors. On top of all that, fees on Ethereum transactions constantly change, adding another variable in a business that relies on stability and easy predictions.

In essence, the more people there are on the blockchain, the more expensive your Ethereum transactions are. Also, because Ethereum is not a single-purposed platform like Bitcoin, and it serves as a smart contracts platform and a ledger, it is more prone to hacks and breakdowns.

Slow (and costly) speeds

Compared to some other cryptos, Ether is quite slow, to be honest. For example, when yield farming popularity exploded, as well as DeFi, the Ethereum network was unbelievably congested, rendering transactions ludicrously expensive. In short periods of time, one could experience transaction fee jumps that led to some truly crazy charges, like 100 times more than usual.

Play Online Casino Games in Ethereum Casinos

best ethereum casinos

All honest Ethereum casino reviews tell us the same thing – finding the best Ethereum casino is very subjective. There is no such thing as “the best” in the gambling world. There is only the best casino FOR YOU. In other words, what’s good for you, might be terrible for someone else. We all have different tastes in games, different playstyles, and – most importantly – different bankrolls.

However, some things can be evaluated objectively and your search for the best Ethereum casino can be set on a solid foundation. Finding provably fair casinos with some sort of regulation and legal protection is the way to go. Some players prefer fully anonymous Ethereum casinos and less regulated ones, which can be perfectly safe but without any guarantees.

When choosing an Ethereum online casino, pick the best crypto bonuses burdened with the least wagering and the most extended bonus validity possible. Also, having a lucrative and playable VIP club is a great asset in the long run. Also, incentives, bonuses, and tournaments are not just fun to play, but equally generous. Customer support can be crucial, and we advise you to go for the 24/7 live chat support because it proved to be the most efficient support medium.

In conclusion, we encourage you to check out several online casinos on our list before settling for an ETH casino.


  • What is Ethereum?

    Ethereum is a decentralized, open-source blockchain platform, that is paired with contract functionality and uses Ether as the native cryptocurrency. In terms of market capitalization, Ether is the most valuable crypto, right after the famous Bitcoin.

  • Where to buy Ethereum?

    Being the second largest crypto in the world, Ethereum is quite easy to get your hands on. If you want to buy Ethereum without even visiting Ethereum online casinos, you can trade with all major cryptos on platforms like Coinbase, Binance, Gemini, Kraken, Bitstamp, or Bitfinex.

  • How to stake Ethereum?

    At the time of writing this text, staking Ethereum was not a cheap investment. First of all, you have to deposit a minimum of 32 ETH, which is over $60,000 in today’s real money. After that, the Staking Launchpad guide will let you know what are the hardware requirements.

    Once you are ready, you have to use your hardware to run both the Ethereum execution client and consensus client at the same time. If this is too pricey, you can rely on services that allow people to pool their resources and run a node collectively, with each person claiming a share of the reward. Needless to say, having a fast internet connection is a must.

  • How many Ethereum Coins are there?

    Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum does not have a strictly limited number of coins in circulation. When it was launched, back in 2015, about 72 million ETH were in existence. As of August 22nd, there are around 122 million Ethereum in circulation. Some suggest that the supply of new Ethereum coins will drop over time and it will coincide with the transition from PoW (proof of work) to PoS (proof of stake).

  • Do many crypto casinos accept Ethereum?

    Yes, many online casinos accept Ethereum and it is a highly popular currency in the world of online gambling. Ethereum gambling is available in many online casinos, and it’s the second most popular crypto in the best online casinos, right after Bitcoin.

  • What are the best Ethereum Gambling sites?

    This is a tough one because the answer depends on personal taste and habits. As a rule of thumb, the best Ethereum betting sites are those offering you your favorite casino games, a generous welcome bonus, and additional deposit bonus offers paired with superior banking that will support most, if not all cryptos you deposit into your casino account.

    Great Ethereum casino will support responsible gambling tools If all fails, go for the online gambling site with available Ethereum deposits and withdrawals, paired with the best Ethereum casino bonuses and promotions possible.

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