Blackjack Bitcoin

Bitcoin blackjack is a popular attraction in many online casinos. It is a lot more complicated than the usual slot games that are popular among frequent visitors to online gambling sites. The main reason for this attraction is that it is not all about luck. With skillful strategy, players would be able to win more frequently. If you want to start playing blackjack Bitcoin games, then here are the rules and some strategies to avoid.

Basic blackjack Bitcoin rules

First of all, the goal of the blackjack Bitcoin game is to beat the dealer without going over 21. Aces can be counted as 1 or 11 points, 2 to 9 according to pip value, while tens and face cards count as 10 points. A hand’s value is the sum of the point values of the cards. The highest value hand is called a blackjack, usually a combination of an ace and any 10-point card. It also outranks all other 21-point hands.

Players make blackjack Bitcoin bets and then the dealer will give two cards to each player and two cards to himself. One of the dealer cards is face up, while the other is facedown. When the Bitcoin casino blackjack dealer has an ace showing, players can make an insurance bet which pays 2 to 1 if the dealer’s facedown card is any 10-point card. If the dealer gets a blackjack, he automatically wins the round. If not, players have the several options.

First they can hit or draw another card to add to the value of their hand. They will go bust if they exceed 21. Second, they can double, in which they double their bet and get one more card. Players can also split if he has a pair or any two 10-point cards. This doubles his bet and gives him two hands to play with. They can also just surrender and get back half his wager. Finally, they can stand, which means they’ll play out the blackjack Bitcoin game as is in casinos like BitStarz.

Once all players have had a turn, the dealer reveals his card to determine the winner. If the dealer has less than 16, they draw another card. If they go over 21, then they bust. After that, points are compared and the highest value wins.

How not to win blackjack Bitcoin

There are a lot of winning strategies on how to play blackjack Bitcoin however you’ll want to know some strategies to avoid. First, never try to mimic the dealer’s strategy. You’ll end up busting a lot. Another strategy to avoid is assuming that the facedown card is a 10. This would lead to you surrendering far too often or trying to beat a hand and going bust.

Try to learn more winning blackjack Bitcoin strategies to ensure that you can come out on top of Bitcoin games.