Online Craps Bitcoin

Bitcoin craps may not be as stressful as the offline game, but it can still be quite confusing. There is no shouting and excited tablemates when you play online craps Bitcoin. If you want to try out playing online craps Bitcoin, here are some tips to keep in mind before you roll those digital dice.

Know the game

Online craps Bitcoin is all about rolling dice. That sounds easy enough. But you might get confused by the results when you click on the roll dice button. Read one of the many tutorials out there before you start playing, so that you will understand the game and learn which bets are good to take.

Place the pass line bet first

The pass line bet is the best bet in first part of online craps Bitcoin. The house advantage here is just 1.41%. A pass line bet means that you will win if the shooter rolls 7 or 11. You only lose if he rolls 2, 3 or 12. Any other number is rolled then that number will become the point. Pass line bets carry over. You will get a payout if he rolls the point number before they roll a 7 in craps Bitcoin.

Always take the odds bet

When the shooter establishes a point, people can place an additional bet called free odds bet. This is the best online craps Bitcoin bet anyone can place in online craps since it has zero house edge. Always place a free odds bet since the result often doubles if you win. You can often place a lower pass line bet and higher free odds bet. In addition, free odds bets can be increased, decreased, or completely removed at any time during rolling.

Place two come bets in addition to pass line bet

It is also best to place two come bets after the original pass line bet in online craps Bitcoin. The result is that there are three numbers working for you. This means higher chances for a win. As soon as one of your bets win, place another to replace it to keep three bets in play.

Do not do proposition bets

Proposition bets are bad. One roll of the dice settle the proposition bets, unlike most other bets. Betting on a single roll is a bad idea since it has pretty much low chances of winning.

Online craps Bitcoin can be fun if done properly. Keep these tips in mind so you won’t lose all of your money, even in other Bitcoin games.