Bitcoin Craps Rules

Bitcoin Craps rules are easy to understand since it almost follows the same rules of the game’s table version. If you have played craps before, understanding and even playing the Bitcoin version of this game should be easy. Even beginners would be able to grasp it because craps is an easy dice game to follow. If Craps is your favorite game, you might even find this version more convenient since online casinos provide you with the shooter and the stickman.

Before rolling the dice, Bitcoin Craps rules starts with placing your bet in one of two options: the Pass line and the Don’t Pass line. After placing your bet, the first phase of the game, which is the Come out play, begins with the shooter throwing the dice.

The Come out phase

In Bitcoin Craps rules, one of three things can happen after throwing the dice. If you bet on the Pass line and the dice roll one of the following numbers: two, three, and 12, you lose and the shooter starts another round of rolling. Numbers 2, three and 12 are the Craps numbers. On the other hand, if you placed you bet on the Pass line and either number 7 or 11 appear on your dice, you win and rolling of dice continues.

The Point phase

The Point phase of the game happens when you roll one of the following numbers: four, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10. At this point, no one has won the wager yet and in Bitcoin Craps rules, this phase will decide who wins the bet. In this phase, you have to roll the number that came out before the Point phase began, known as the point number. You also have to avoid the number 7; if you roll number 7 before the Point number, you lose your chance of winning the bet.

How to win in Bitcoin Craps

You win in this game when you roll the Point number before number 7. You might be confused with the other betting options, but you can bet on those, as well. The most common though, are the Pass line and the Don’t Pass line, since those two bets give you higher odds of winning in this game.

There are two differences between the rules of the original version and the Bitcoin Craps rules. The first is that the original version requires one of the players to be the shooter, while the Bitcoin casino provides the shooter for the Bitcoin version. The second one is the mode of payment, where this version uses bitcoins while the original uses the traditional mode of payment.

If you have not tried playing the Bitcoin version or even the table version, these rules will help you have a good time playing this popular Bitcoin dice game.