Bitcoin Dice Game

If you’re new to Bitcoin gambling, one of the first games you should try playing is a Bitcoin dice. This is not the typical dice game that people play at casinos like craps. It is a Bitcoin dice game even if it doesn’t actually use a dice. Instead of the usual six-sided cubes to generate numbers, there is a greater range of digits from hundreds to thousands to choose from. Here are some simple steps to start playing Bitcoin dice game.

Placing your bet

A Bitcoin dice game usually starts by selecting a lucky number. A lot of people expect that this is what you are rolling for. However, with a larger random number set, you’re actually selecting a reference point for your roll. A lot of online dice Bitcoin game sites actually help you out by indicating the odds for a particular number. Pay attention to this since it influences your chances of winning.

You can now set your betting amount for the round after picking the number. Take note of the minimum and maximum bets. You may always want to bet the minimum or bet the maximum. A lot of Bitcoin dice game sites also show your potential winnings. Better take note also of how much of your bankroll you have left.

Now that your bet is ready, it’s time to make the choice. If you think the dice roll go higher than your chosen number, you must choose ‘Roll HI’. On other hand, if you think the result will be lower than your chosen number, choose ‘Roll LO’. That’s when you roll the dice.

The taste of victory

The dice will then roll and the results show up quickly. If you bet on ‘Roll HI’ and the number revealed is higher than your selected number or your bet was on ‘Roll LO’ and the roll is lower than your selected number, you will win and your bankroll will immediately receive the sum. You can then choose to change the settings to roll again. Considering the speed that the roll happens, a lot of people just choose to keep on rolling until they lose and change the settings after. Most Bitcoin dice game sites even have an auto-roll option, which keeps on rolling the dice until meeting a condition.

Playing a Bitcoin dice game is simple and easy. Winning and losing are all a matter of luck and the dice favoring you. Try it out now to enjoy a unique experience playing a game with Bitcoin dice.