Free Dice Bitcoin

Bitcoin dice is a popular genre of gambling game for many players. It is an easy enough game to play. It all started with SatoshiDice, the grandfather of all Bitcoin dice games. People have the chance to make a bet and a chance to double it by guessing whether a dice roll is going to be high or low. This made it a great success and copycats have popped up. However, beyond following the usual rules there have been a lot of variations and each site approaches dice gaming with its own fresh idea. Here are some of the top free dice Bitcoin sites out there. has an appropriate name because of its focus on dice play. Players can start playing the moment they arrive at the site since the site automatically sets up accounts. The mechanics are pretty easy to understand: players choose whether the random number generator comes up with a result below 50 or above 50. A right guess doubles a player’s bet. The site is very modern in design and has the number displayed in a digital display on the main site. For any problems with the site, an e-mail address is available to reach the support team. It is possible to play free dice Bitcoin games.


Primedice is another good choice out there for free dice Bitcoin gaming. Sleekly designed, players can get into the dice action in just seconds. The simple blue-gray design makes the interface easy to understand and can be modified depending on the player’s choice. Players will then be automatically assigned an account when they log in and they can start wagering. It loads quickly, too, though there are times when it does slow down. If there are any problems, players have access to live chat to contact the site’s admins and an e-mail address as a backup way to contact the team. They can also get some bits from the faucet to start a free dice Bitcoin bet.

Pocketdice is another dice site that people should visit for its free dice Bitcoin game. Players can choose to either bet that a dice roll will go over or under their chosen number. The site then displays the potential return on the bet. Players can then click on the dice cup to have two dice rolled. Bitcoin is the only accepted currency, but people will still need to make an account unlike other dice sites mentioned. The site has live chat support and even has a streaming chatroom for players to visit and chat inside.

There are more Bitcoin dice sites out there, so players can explore and try out more that will fit their tastes.