Online Dice Bitcoin

When you play Bitcoin dice, it can be tempting to just leave everything to chance. After all, it is a dice game and it is all about rolling dice. However, leaving everything to just chance is great if you don’t care about money. If you want to start making money, though, there are a few rules you’ll want to follow.

Set an amount you won’t go below

This is simple to explain. If you have 10 million satoshis, then put a cutoff point on where you stop betting on online dice Bitcoin. Some people are satisfied with 75%, which is 7.5 million satoshis. This allows you to have a base left to start building up money again. Going below 25% is a bad idea, though, since you’ll end up with too little money.

Withdraw 10%-20% winnings regularly

It is always nice to have cash on hand whenever you play online dice Bitcoin. However, there’s another reason for this rule. It keeps your cash safe. Taking it out of your bankroll ensures that if you ever go crazy and start placing too many large bets in a row and lose your winnings from online dice Bitcoin, you won’t be starting from zero. Plus, it’s a great boost to your ego to get some money.

Gamble in bursts

The house always wins in the long run. This is why you don’t want to let it go on a long run. There are a couple of reasons gambling for short periods of time is a good idea. First, when people get tired, they make mistakes. With money on the line, you don’t want to make mistakes, even in online dice Bitcoin games. Second, the more you play, the more emotional you get. The more you get emotional, the higher the chance you place huge bets when you lose to earn back the losses. This increases your chances of losing. You play a Bitcoin game with dice to earn wins, not lose it. Half an hour should be enough for you to get enough games in.

No big bets in a row

It can be very tempting to make big bets on online dice Bitcoin. After all, the larger the bet, the higher the amount you win. Don’t do that. Just keep betting low amounts. This is super safe. It can be slow and boring, though. If you want to mix things up, go big once in a while. However, follow it up again with small online dice Bitcoin bets. This way, if you do lose in online dice Bitcoin, you can earn it back.

Online dice Bitcoin games are fun and fast, however, they can lose you a lot of money if you are not careful. Follow these rules to avoid losing your bankroll.