Bitcoin Keno Game

Bitcoin keno is one of many gambling games that have transitioned well into the digital realm. Originating from China, the game traveled to the US via Chinese immigrants in the late 1800s. The original game came with 80 Chinese characters, but keno games now feature 80 Arabic numerals. Despite the fact that the basics are still the same, players still enjoy several rounds of a Bitcoin keno game.

How to Play Bitcoin keno game

Playing a Bitcoin keno game is actually pretty easy. When players buy a ticket online they get the chance to mark anywhere from 1 through 20 numbers on the ticket. This is usually done with a click. Considering that there are 80 numbers to choose from, it can be difficult to pick the winning numbers.

A good piece of advice for beginning Bitcoin keno game players is to just to go with their gut. Keno can be very random, so being lucky is an important part of it. Buying multiple tickets is advised since they are pretty cheap anyway.

For an online Bitcoin casino keno game, the draws happen fairly quickly unlike offline keno. The game draws the 20 numbers on a schedule of maybe an hour or thirty minutes, instead of a daily draw. Winning tickets are then paid according to a table that varies from casino to casino. The winnings are dependent on how many numbers a player has guessed correctly. One number is often a minor prize, while hitting 10 or more numbers correctly can mean a big jackpot.

Bets and strategy

When buying tickets, there are often different types available out there. The most basic one is the straight ticket. With these tickets, players can bet the numbers marked as a single wager. It’s the simplest way to play. This is good for beginners, but if you’re an old hand at a Bitcoin keno game, you’d probably want to play combinations.

Combination tickets work by players circling groups of numbers and indicate that they would be up for multiple bets. These bets are part of the draw, but they are separate bets.  This means that you put a wager on them more than the single ticket. A single ticket can handle several bets with several wagers attached to it.

Strategy in a Bitcoin keno game is pretty hard since the random factor is pretty big. With over 80 possible results, it can be difficult to guess what comes up. Fortunately, keno tickets are cheap. Buy more tickets and try to spread your wager around. Also keep track of the pay table. Choose a Bitcoin keno game that have a good return on your investment.

Keno is one of the fun and simple Bitcoin games. Try it out with your bitcoins now!