Keno Bitcoin

Bitcoin keno games are not as noticeable as slot games, but they are great side games for when you want to push your luck. Keno Bitcoin is something like the lottery and you can potentially win big. Here’s a simple primer on enjoying this simple numbers game made more exciting with Bitcoin keno.

Learn how to play

Keno is actually pretty easy to explain. If you’ve played the lottery, then you know how to play keno Bitcoin. The game asks you to buy a ticket and then you pick numbers on it. Afterwards, there is a draw and the random numbers come out. If you match a certain set of numbers, you can get a prize.

The main trouble when playing Bitcoin keno game is the odds. A lot of experts put the house edge for a Keno Bitcoin game to be at 25% or more. The house edge is the chances of the house to win—which means your chance to lose. One in four can be bad odds for you. However, Keno games have a similar advantage to slot games. They are really cheap. A single Keno ticket often costs as little as a dollar or the equivalent. Slots can be cheaper. But if you’re down to your last few bitcoins, a keno Bitcoin game should be well within your means. Additionally, playing online gives you much better odds.

Go for it!

The biggest advice that a lot of people are saying is that you should never play keno Bitcoin. The odds are right there and can be very discouraging. However, keno games are the essence of pure luck. No matter how many tickets you buy, the odds are the same.  Each number usually has a 1 in 80 chance of coming up. However, keno is not all about the winning.

Just like Bitcoin slots, it’s all about the thrill. If you’re playing Keno Bitcoin and are tangled up in all the decision about which number to pick, then you’re better off not playing it. Considering the small investment and the potentially big jackpot, the key behind enjoying keno Bitcoin is playing for the fun of it.

Just buy a ticket once in a while and pick your numbers. Don’t go whole hog on the game and buy multiple tickets. Just use it as your backup game if you’ve gotten bored with the slots or need a palate cleanser after a poker session.

Having a laidback approach when it comes to keno makes it more enjoyable for those who are playing.