Online Keno Bitcoin

Winning at Bitcoin keno can be a matter of strategy.  Fortunately, since keno rules are pretty simple. This makes developing winning strategies pretty easy. The key to winning big time in online keno Bitcoin is not just to beat the odds of winning, but increasing your odds to win a huge jackpot. This is done by aiming to get 8 out of 8 or even 9 out of 9. Here are five tips to increase your payouts in the long run.

Practice a lot

Practice is what ultimately lets you win. It allows you learn how to play the odds and to hone your skills. Fortunately, a free play option is available in most online casinos. This offers you the opportunity to play online keno Bitcoin for free and this is a great way to develop or perfect your game plan and skills. Furthermore, playing for free lets you check if your strategy works.

Be selective about your online casino

Playing online keno Bitcoin has another big advantage. Online casinos often offer significantly better maximum payouts than the land-based casinos. However, different casinos give different odds and payouts. Do some research and choose casinos featuring the best payout percentages. This is an ideal method to effectively and considerably decrease the house edge. This should be easy enough to check.

Pick 5 or 6 numbers only, usually consecutive ones

Picking too many numbers does not improve your chances of winning at online keno Bitcoin. Picking ten or more numbers actually reduces your chances of winning. The ideal amount to pick is 5 or 6 numbers only. Another method to raise the odds is to pick numbers that are consecutive numbers, which are known to come out quite often.

Stick to your chosen numbers

When you’ve made your choice of lucky or favorite numbers, it is important that you stick to them. This means even after a losing streak, you still bet on those numbers. Try to pick numbers that have not popped up in some time since they have a likelier chance of appearing in future online keno Bitcoin games.

Use the “round robin” approach

When you’ve got multiple tickets, use a round-robin approach. Come up with six sets of numbers, each consisting of two or three numbers. Use these number sets when betting on online keno Bitcoin, spreading them among the tickets. Rotate the sets in and out of the betting cycle.

Online keno Bitcoin games are great fun. They are even better if you win. Follow these tips to start doing so.