Bitcoin Keno Rules

Bitcoin keno rules are plain and simple. Generally, Keno originated in China and Chinese immigrants brought this game to United States, where it became a very popular pastime since the rules are plain and simple. Overtime, casinos started offering this game to its players since this game involves wagering money. With the advancement of technology, it is now available online and nowadays, Bitcoin Keno is becoming a hit among Bitcoin users as well.

If you know how to play keno, or even Bitcoin lottery, then learning Bitcoin keno rules should not be a hassle to you. However, if you know nothing about this game and want to use your bitcoins for this, then these are the Bitcoin keno rules that you need to follow.

Make sure you have an account at any Bitcoin casino

Before we even go to the mechanics of this exciting game, you have to make sure that you have an account in an online Bitcoin casino to be able to play this game. Make sure to deposit bitcoins as well, and once you are done with this, then you can choose your preferred keno game. Although there is only one mode of playing this game, there are different variations as to how the game looks like. It is up to you what layout you like. After these initial steps, you are now ready to play this game.

Choose your lucky numbers

Bitcoin keno rules starts by deciding the amount of wager you want to bet. After deciding on this, the next step is to choose your numbers, ranging from one to 80. Some games would let you choose from two to 10 numbers while others require you to pick one to 15 numbers. Honestly speaking, there are no tricks on choosing numbers on this game, so you can choose whatever numbers you like.

Now is the time for the game to choose 20 numbers. The goal is to match as many of your chosen numbers with the numbers that the game will eject. The more matches you make, the more money you make. Some version of this game will allow you to customize the number of rounds you want to play and others have fixed number rounds. Either way, you only use the same set of numbers until you reach the last round. If you want to start a new game, you will have to choose another set of numbers.

The screen displays all your winnings. Knowing Bitcoin keno rules will help you to win big in this very exciting game.