Bitcoin Keno Tips

Bitcoin Keno Tips include strategies and friendly reminders to help you hit big jackpots in Bitcoin Keno. Due to its popularity among gamblers, people have been wondering how to win the hefty jackpots this game offers. You can find many tips everywhere, but this list compiles important and proven strategies to help you win big in this exciting game.

Check this list out and see how these Bitcoin Keno Tips will help you ace the jackpots at stake in this exciting game of luck.

Practice by playing free games

Our list of Bitcoin Keno Tips starts with the most common advice given by gamblers: play free games first before playing with money. You can find free Bitcoin casino keno games online where you can practice your skills and strategies before putting it to the test. Most online casinos offer this to give you an overview of what their online keno version looks like. In this way, you will be more comfortable playing this game.

Choose a casino with High RTP percentage

Choosing a Bitcoin casino is an important part of this list because not all online casinos have the same RTP percentage for this version of keno. You should look for an online casino that has a high percentage of players winning in Keno. Most online casinos provide RTP percentage in their info page, so you should check this page first before you start playing.

Pick less numbers

Many people think that their chances of winning in Keno increase when they pick more numbers. The truth is, it decrease your chances of getting winning numbers. Gamblers suggest that picking less numbers will increase your chances in this game; they even mentioned picking around five to six numbers is enough for you to win.

Stick with your chosen numbers

Whatever method of choosing numbers you do, gamblers say that it is better to stick with those numbers. Although not proven yet, a number of Keno players have seen an increase in their winnings with this Bitcoin keno strategy, so this strategy is worth trying as well.

Pick consecutive numbers

This list of Bitcoin Keno Tips includes this strategy because it is one of the more effective ways of picking your numbers in this game. There are 80 numbers to choose from in Keno, and you might find that intimidating at first. If you have played any form of lottery before, you might have noticed that consecutive numbers appear often.

This list of Bitcoin Keno Tips will help you win big the next time you play the Bitcoin version of Keno. Keno, as well as other casino games, is all about trying your luck that is why there is no proven way of winning in a particular casino game. Gamblers who have won huge jackpots have shared these tips; however, this does not guarantee wins every time you use these methods. Nevertheless, this list will help you plan your next Keno game.