Live Casino Games

Online casinos are now widely popular. These casinos are gaining a lot of players through time. Bitcoin games are gaining a lot of players lately.These games let the player use bitcoins to place a bet. Wins are also in bitcoins so the players can easily withdraw their earnings anytime. Apart from slots, live casino games online are also becoming popular in the industry.

Authentic casino experience

Experiencing land-based casinos are now possible with live casino games. What are these live games exactly? Just a short explanation for those unaware. These live games can bring the whole table of a land-based casino game onto your portable devices. A livestream video will be available to the players while the dealer draws the card in real-time. A player can place his bet by communicating with the dealer and his fellow players. They communicate through a call or text-based channel. This depends on the software they are using.

Maximizing your live casino games experience is also easy by using bitcoins. Just like in land-based casinos,  you use chips or tokens. In Bitcoin casinos, bitcoins can be your casino chips.

Popular live casino games

Three of the most popular live casino games are Bitcoin baccarat, blackjack, and roulette table. Some online casinos host live lotto and keno games. In order to win in a Bitcoin baccarat game, the player needs to score 9 or higher than the dealer. Always remember that face cards (Queen, King, etc.) and 10 count as zero. An ace gives you one point. If you win, you get the bitcoins! BetChain Casino offers Bitcoin baccarat games.

Playing a live blackjack game online also has the same mechanics with the real-life casino blackjack games. The goal is to beat the dealer by reaching a value of 21. Face cards like Queen, King, and Jack are valued 10. The Ace card is always your charm. It can count as 11 or 1 whichever way the player likes it. He gets the bitcoins if his cards count 21. But if he exceeds this number, he loses.

The live Bitcoin roulette table is the life of all live casino games. Roulette games are highly entertaining. Players have higher chances of hitting jackpots, especially in a European roulette. There is only one zero in a European roulette, so this is a promising sign for the players. A ball will run around the spinning roulette and if it lands on your bet, you get your bitcoins!