3 Card Poker

‘Two in one Poker variant’ – this is how 3 Card Poker is usually defined as unlike the typical Poker; you can have two type of bets in this game which you can play at the same. More than that, this label could also pertain to the fact that it is easier and provides great chances of winning big since the player have to deal with lesser cards. Yes, as what its name suggests, this Bitcoin poker game is only played with 3 cards instead of 5.

One great thing about 3 Card Poker is it can be played with bitcoins. Hence, several advantages will be instantly offered at your feet such as complete anonymity, can be played everywhere, easy way to get started, as well as almost instant transactions. With this, you can certainly claim that this Bitcoin game provides convenience in all its glory. Aside from the accommodating experience, you can also have a mighty fine time in playing this game as it is full with fun-filled twists.

In playing 3 Card Poker, there are two important things you should know fully well, the two types of bets as well as the card rank. If you get a good grasp of these two, playing and winning in this card game will surely be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

‘Ante’ and ‘Play’ are the two types of bets in Bitcoin games like this one. If you made an ‘Ante’ bet, you have two options, either ‘Fold’ or ‘Play’ upon seeing the three cards dealt at your hand. If you chose to ‘Fold’ your bet will be forfeited and on the other hand, if you chose to ‘Play’, you must add additional wager to the ‘Play’ bet which is the same as the amount you placed in the ‘Ante’ wager.

There is a chance for you to get paid for your ‘Ante’ wager and have your bet on the ‘Play’ back. This is when the dealer does not ‘qualify’ by having a Queen or higher card at his hand. However, if the dealer did qualify, the game will continue wherein both of your hands will be compared to know who has the best card combinations based on the card rank.

The Card Rank of 3 Card Poker is different from the other usual Poker variants since it utilizes only 3 cards. Hence, take a good look to know its card rank perfectly.

–          The highest card rank in this game is ‘Straight Flush’ which contains three cards of the same suit in sequence.

–          Second is the ‘Three of a Kind’. It has three cards of the same rank.

–          Third is ‘Straight’ which corresponds to three consecutive cards in different suits.

–          ‘Flush’ is the fourth which shows a hand of three cards with the same suit.

–          Fifth is ‘Pair’ with two cards of equal rank.

–          Last and the least is the ‘High Card’ which pertains to any of the highest card in your hand.

To have a full and most thrilling experience in playing 3 Card Poker with bitcoins, you must look of course, for the best Bitcoin Poker brand offering this game. You have to consider several things such as reputation based on the length of time it has been in the industry and customers’ feedbacks as well, bonuses and promotions, excellent service, and most certainly game platform. In this bitcoin card game, brands like BitZino, Winvery Casino, Bit777 Casino, and StrikeSapphire are known to offer a great quality as well as full experience of thrill and winnings.