Bitcoin Roulette Rules

The action and excitement as you watch the spinning roulette wheel and the ball move from one packet to another is beloved by many. Now that Bitcoin roulette has graced your computers and mobile devices, you have the chance to enjoy all of the thrills with the perks of cryptocurrency payments. What makes it even better is that the Bitcoin roulette rules are the same as the traditional game. There’s no need for you to learn new mechanics. All you have to do is get some bitcoin, look for a Bitcoin casino with roulette, deposit, and start playing.

Bitcoin roulette is easy and simple. Here’s a refresher of the Bitcoin roulette rules you have to understand to get a good start. It is important that you know all of these rules in order to be confident in every bet you place.

Learning the Bitcoin roulette rules

In Bitcoin casino roulette, your number one objective is to place a bet on a specific number, a set of numbers, or categories. If the ball lands on the lucky digit or category at the end of each spin, receive handsome rewards. On the other hand, if the ball lands on a digit or a category that doesn’t correspond to your selection, you lose the initial bet. This is one of the first Bitcoin roulette rules you should keep in mind.

Next set of Bitcoin roulette rules you have to remember are the types of bets. There are two types of bets, which features the inside and outside bets.

  • Outside bets are bets that include dozen bets, odd/even bets, color bets, and high/low bets.
  • Dozen bets are placed to a dozen numbers. Three options are available, including 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36.
  • As the name suggests, odd/even bets let you choose if you think the ball will land on an even or odd number.
  • Color bets let you decide if the ball will land on a black or a red number.
  • High/low bets are placed if you think the ball will land on the low portion (1-18) or the high portion (19-36).

Meanwhile, inside bets involve straight bets, split bets, corner bets, and column bets.

  • Straight bets are bets in any of numbers. You can choose any of the 36 numbers and zero.
  • Split bets are placed between two numbers, which entitles bets to both digits.
  • Column bets are bets on any of the three columns. If the ball lands on any of the numbers that belong to the column, you win.

Master the Bitcoin roulette rules

Now that you have a good grip of the different roulette rules, you can start enjoying the perks of Bitcoin and the fun of playing the game. Spin the wheel of fortune and let lady luck come your way. Always remember these basic rules if you want to take your Bitcoin games a notch higher.

Bet. Spin. Win. Repeat.