Bitcoin Scratch Cards Game

Online scratch cards, like other online gambling games, are mostly conversions of popular games to the Bitcoin format. This is why quite a few of the popular scratch card games are now playable with bitcoins. For those who want to take their chances and start scratching cards, here are some Bitcoin scratch cards that should interest them. Note that some of the Bitcoin scratch cards game buck the basic design trend of the normal  scratch card , but that is probably why they are popular. Check out these Bitcoin scratch cards game designs:

Hand to Hand Combat

This variation on Rock-Paper-Scissors Bitcoin scratch cards game is very interesting. Players scratch on the left column and the right one. The symbol on the right is the result for the player. A win will get the player awarded the prize associated with that row. Players can just click on the Reveal All button if they are impatient and see the result of the round in a Bitcoin scratch cards game.

Space Evader Gold

This online scratch cards Bitcoin game looks more like a board game than an online scratch card. A high player return of 96.66% attracts players a lot, though. The game gives players five scratches and every win lets them progress up the ladder. The last passed prize is the reward for the scratch card.

Crypt Crusade Gold

Traveling into a crypt, this game has a similarity to Space Evader, which is also apparent in a Bitcoin scratch cards game. Every scratch card reveals how much a player progresses into the crypt. There is a chance that players can land on danger spaces, making them lose. However, the game does offer some very good chances.

Lucky Numbers

A Chinese-based game, Lucky Numbers revolves around the lucky number eight. This is why the top result is a top prize of 8888x your staked amount. Just scratch and hope to get the lucky mix of eights for the win. Expect to find a Bitcoin scratch cards game that is similar to this game set-up.

Game Set And Scratch

In this Tennis-themed scratch cards Bitcoin games, players have a chance at two games. One of them is where players scratch off six panels. The hope here is to get a winning set of three players. This will give players a basic prize; however, players can get a bigger prize. To know if they win, a single large panel is displayed and needs to be scratched. If the result of a similar Bitcoin scratch cards game is a ball, then the player gets a bonus to his win.

A Bitcoin scratch cards game is a pretty simple game and is very quick to resolve. It is also pretty inexpensive. Keep coming back for more to hope for a win.