Scratch Cards Bitcoin

Playing scratch cards Bitcoin is not that different than your offline scratch cards. People buy the Bitcoin scratch cards at their local grocery or convenience store and scratch away at it, hoping for a prize. The amount won can depend on the symbols revealed. This is not a game where you win millions, but a small prize is often enough for those who play the game.

Online scratch cards

Playing online scratch cards can be both similar and different to playing scratch cards offline. The main similarities are that you still have to buy a card and that you still have to “scratch” it to win. That is where the similarities end.

The differences start from the moment you buy an online scratch card. People get the cards for a set price from the local grocery. With online scratch cards Bitcoin, players often have the chance to set the price of the scratch card. The result is that instead of a set price, players get multipliers to their bets.

For example, buyers can buy a scratch card for 0.1 BTC or they could go higher. When the scratch card results show up, they can get nothing or have the purchase price multiplied up to several times. The winnings could grow. The biggest multipliers can reach up to 50 times the purchase price of the scratch card.

The other difference is the convenience. When playing scratch cards Bitcoin offline, you have to scratch it individually. Online, you can scratch away with a virtual coin or you can just click on the reveal card button. This makes things a lot easier in the long run.

Simple but fun

When you play scratch cards Bitcoin, the minor differences don’t take away the fact that this is a simple game. There are no complicated rules to remember or difficult strategies to formulate. However, playing scratch cards does not mean that you’re playing with small stakes. You can bet big with online scratch cards Bitcoin games and you can also win big.

If you want to try it out, there are hundreds of online scratch cards Bitcoin games, with their own individual variations and themes. There are even unique side games to make it more fun. This can range from the relaxing Pro-golf scratch card to whack-a-mole games. Try out online scratch cards Bitcoin games for a quick diversion from your normal Bitcoin gambling habits.