Bitcoin Sicbo

Sic Bo, an ancient Chinese gambling game, is one of the most interesting casino games. At first, it may appear mind boggling and complicated. Since, like Bitcoin craps, it has a table that consists of numbers and symbols that you have to place your bet on and your luck will be determined by three dice. Furthermore, in terms of bet types, Sic Bo has a huge similarity to roulette as you can bet on single numbers, group of numbers, and even categories like odd or even. Since Bitcoin has already made its stake to online betting, expect Bitcoin games like Bitcoin sicbo.

Play sicbo with Bitcoin

Since Bitcoin SicBo mainly revolves around bitcoins, you can get the most out of it in terms of convenience. Number one boon you get in Sic Bo with Bitcoins is that it can be played anonymously. Most bitcoin casinos offering free sicbo Bitcoin do not require registrations or sign ups; hence, you can directly place your bet. If there are some requiring sign-ups, the necessary details are just limited to username, password, and email address.

Easy and speedy transactions can also be enjoyed in Bitcoin SicBo. To place your bet, you just have to make a deposit which can be done in two ways, either scanning the QR code or sending the amount of bitcoins directly to the wallet address given. After you have received a confirmation, transaction is done and you are now ready for action.

Playing Bitcoin casino sicbo is just the same as the ordinary one in terms of rules and the ‘hows’ of playing the game. One of the most important aspects you must know and learn in playing this bitcoin casino game is the type of bets; since, this is the main thing that will give good fortune.

Types of Bitcoin sicbo bets

There are six main types of bets in Sic Bo with Bitcoins. All of these correspond to the possible combinations of the three dice if rolled.

Big or Small Bet – It is based on the total of the three dice; Big is from 11-17 and small from 4 to 10.

Odd or Even Bet – This bet is placed on the total of the three dice, it being either odd or even.

Total Bet – It corresponds to the total sum of the three dice with the ranges from 4 to 17.

Combination Bet – This bet is based on any two specific digits in the result of the three dice.

Single Bet – It is the type of bet which is placed on a specific number that will be shown in any of the three dice.

Double Bet – The bet placed in two of a specific number that will probably show in the three dice.

Triple Bet – It is placed where all the three dice have to show a specific number.

Take note that the odds of winning are greater in the type of bets with broader categories but has lesser payout. On the other hand, more specific bets have lower odds but definitely have higher payouts.

Online sicbo Bitcoin is indeed an incredible casino game to play. With the features of Bitcoin roulette and craps combined as well as highlights of bitcoins defined, you will certainly have fun picking the lucky bets to win big at best sicbo Bitcoin games