Fruit Zen Slots

FruitZenNo other Bitcoin slots can shower you with excitement and rewards while keeping you calm and relaxed better than Fruit Zen slots. Thus, if you are in the market for a new online slot betting experience, you had better get started wagering and spinning its reels!

Fresh from the creative laboratories of Betsoft Gaming, Fruit Zen slots emerges as the well-known game supplier’s solution for players who yearn for the right mixture of entertainment and relaxation. The thrilling features of a Bitcoin slots paired with the soothing elements that complete the overall experience puts this slot game in a league of its own.

Features of Fruit Zen slots

FruitZenAlthough stripped of the extra game features found in some of the Betsoft slot offerings, this Bitcoin slots boasts high-quality graphics that can easily make you crave for cherry, lemon, grapes, blueberry, watermelon, orange, and even raspberry. The fruit symbols placed on the five reels are simply stunning that such graphics already make the game more than attractive.

Aside from the top graphics and design, the animation throughout the gameplay is also commendable. The silky water continues to move even without spinning the reels, adding to the calmness that this slot game explicitly presents. Contradicting this, however, are the flashy effects every time a winning combination lands on a paid line.

Moreover, every time you play Fruit Zen slots with Bitcoin, the geFruitZen Featuresntle music in the background will surely bring you to another dimension, without overpowering the rich sound effects each time the reels are spun and the lines catch combinations.

Play Fruit Zen with Bitcoin

With its aesthetics proving to be top-notch, this Bitcoin slots also packs an exciting gameplay, which will absolutely appeal even to the novice bettors.

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Fruit Zen Slots has a total of eight regular fruit symbols, but it also features its very own Zen Flower symbol. Unlike the fruit symbols, it has the power to fill the second, third, or fourth reels and turn it into a Wild reel. This triggers an automatic free respin, and the best part is the Wild reel stays in place, maximizing your chances to catch more combinations.