Online Slots Bitcoin

Online slots Bitcoin casinos offer guests a quick chance of winning a lot of money for just a few digital coins. Many casino guests have always enjoyed Bitcoin slots since they could get the experience they are looking for in just a few minutes. There are some who want to walk away from any online slots Bitcoin casinos with a ton of digital currency. The chance of hitting the jackpot of a digital slot at a Bitcoin site is very slim. However, there are ways a player can follow to improve the chance of taking home the big payout of an online slots Bitcoin game.

Know the slot games

There are so many online slots Bitcoin games to choose from. Each has their own unique features and bonuses. Before playing any slots, it is important to know what to aim for in the game. This will tell you how much the total bankroll amount you are going to need. There are games which might have a lot of bonus games where players enter another mini game of chance. In order to get the biggest prize in these types of slots, players are going to need a lot of coins in order to stay in the game for a long time. The more spins they can do with their online slots Bitcoin, the more opportunities they can get in playing the bonus games.

On the other hand, there are slots which only have a straightforward feature and no bonus games. One example is Twin Spin’s feature where two to five more reels will stop with the same symbols. This kind of feature can happen in the normal mode of the game. Players simply need enough bankroll to spin the reels at least 20 times to take advantage of the feature.  Play Good Girl Bad Girl slot and Fruit Zen slot.

Bet the right amount

In any online slots Bitcoin game, players must be able to stay in the game for a long time. At the same time, players shouldn’t bet too small. Doing so may give them a lot of spins. However, they are left with very few coins if they are able to get a good win.  It is a good idea to use about 4% to 5% of a player’s total bankroll when playing slots. This amount lets them spin the reel a lot of times and be able to get good payouts which can double their bankroll.

By knowing about the features of an online slot Bitcoin game and how much to bet per spin, players could increase their chance in taking home a lot of Bitcoins.