Wild West Slots

Experience the Old West without the luxury of travelling! Yes, it is now more than possible with Bitoomba’s slot machine, the Wild West Slots.   By giving its reels gritty spins, you will be drifted into the domain of ‘Donkey West Town’ where you will be showered with bitcoin wins. Hence, there is no reason for you to frown as after you spin in Bitcoin slots, you will get a grin as big as a clown’s.

Wild West Slots is one of the games offered by Bitoomba Casino themed to the audacious and thrilling mood of the Old West. Therefore, with just reading or hearing its name, you can easily foreshadow the experience you will have here – wild and exciting. Upon entering their domain, you will be welcomed by cowboys and American Indians as well as donkeys and cows all in spectacular graphics merged in an outstanding game platform.

Wild West slot and its features

Since Bitoomba Slots are the ‘most innovative slot machines online.’ It can be played in full-screen mode and you will sure feel the beat of the Wild West in its sounds. Furthermore, for your utmost convenience, pay lines as well as pay tables are shown in accordance to the theme, and above all, imaginatively. In just one look, you can easily get the finest grasp of the lines, pay outs, and pattern combinations to aim for. In addition, to increase your chances of winning, Wild, Scatter, as well as Bonus symbols are also offered.

To begin your adventure in Wild West Slots, you first need to create an account by providing your email address, username, and password. After you get this done in less than a minute, you can then add funds to it. In a few moments, you will be able to enjoy this remarkable Bitcoin casino slots game. Just send the amount of bitcoins to the wallet address provided or scan the QR code generated. After a confirmation is received, wish for your luck to be in your favor in your every spin.

Play Wild West slots using bitcoins

Wild West Slots can be played from 1 up to 30 lines. Of course, the more lines you play the more odds of winning. In addition, the minimum bet in this game is 0.10 bitoombas and the maximum bet is 100 bitoombas. Bitoombas (credits) are used since it is less complicated to understand. Yes, upon deposit, your bitcoins will be automatically converted to bitoombas where 1 BTC is equivalent to 100 bitoombas.

To have the most exciting and wildest way to play slots with bitcoins, it is a must to give Wild West Slots a try. Aside from perks of convenience, you will definitely have the finest time of winning bitcoins in the domain of cowboys.  You can be rest assured that only the best experience are offered in this Bitoomba Slots, as in every spin, you have the greatest chance to win with the loudest cheers, and ooopss, beers!