Bitcoin Video Poker Game

Bitcoin slot machines are a favorite right now in many Bitcoin casinos. However, they can be too random and luck-dependent for some people. An excellent alternative that gives people a good chance of winning is Bitcoin video poker. Though not as numerous as slot machines, you can play video poker in a lot of casinos. If you want to try the game out, here are a few basics.

Bitcoin video poker rules

The main thing to understand about a Bitcoin video poker game is that it is like draw poker. The difference is that you don’t have an opponent. Your job is to get the best poker hand possible.

A Bitcoin video poker game usually goes like this. First, you make a bet from one to five credits. After that, you are dealt a poker hand. You then decide whether to keep or discard cards. The machine then gives you a new set of cards and checks whether you won anything. You often only win anything in a Bitcoin video poker game if you score a pair of Jacks or better. The weakest hand will probably get your bet back while a royal flush gives you a big jackpot, with your bet often multiplied a hundred times.

Few video poker tips

If you’re playing Bitcoin video poker game, the best thing to do is to always bet the maximum. This is usually five credits worth. A Bitcoin video poker game gives players good odds to win so you’ll always want to win as much as possible.

As for your video poker Bitcoin cards, you should try nothing fancy. This means that if you draw a high hand like a flush or a straight, it’s best to hold on to it. If you only got a pair, dump the three other cards and hope to get a three of a kind. If you already have a three of a kind or two pairs, then you’ll want to discard the unpaired cards in hopes of getting a full house. The only time you’ll want to discard a card from a flush or a straight hand is when you are a card away from a royal flush. This is risky but it can net you a big Bitcoin video poker game jackpot.

A Bitcoin video poker game rewards smart play. Play smart by taking a look at your hand and checking the odds occasionally. If you play conservatively, you’ll end up winning more hands than losing them. The result is that you’ll leave the online video poker Bitcoin game with a decent profit and a happy smile.