Free Video Poker Bitcoin

Bitcoin video poker is a pretty simple game. However, it is the simplest games where you make mistakes. Though the odds are good for you to win a video poker match, the risks are higher since there are a lot of decisions that need to be made when playing. Here are some common mistakes you should try to avoid when playing free video poker Bitcoin games.

Not going maximum on your bets

A lot of video poker players often are conservative when betting. The usual bet for free video poker Bitcoin games goes up to give coins and a lot of players bet one or two coins. However, the best bet is always the maximum bet. For example, a lot of royal flush bets will pay out 250 coins for a one coin bet, 500 coins for a two coin bet, 750 coins for a three coin bet, and 1000 coins for a four coin bet. However, the five coin bet usually pays out 4000 coins for a royal flush. That’s a lot of money and can make the difference.

Using the wrong strategy

Sometimes people go into free video poker Bitcoin with a strategy. That’s a good idea. However, most of the time, people have the wrong strategy. There are a lot of free video poker Bitcoin strategy charts on the Internet, so it can get confusing. Try out sites that are dependable and trustworthy if you want to pick out a strategy. It will be better if they have the numbers to prove it.

Not keeping track of your bankroll

Your bankroll is what lets you keep playing and it is pretty important. A lot of players just keep playing, giving no attention to the bankroll. You will lose, that is a given. However, your goal is to be in the game until you can start winning again. That’s why bankroll management should be an essential skill to develop if you want to get win more free video poker Bitcoin games.

Following your gut feeling

Most of the time, it is tempting to listen to your gut. You think you’ll be pulling the card you need in the next draw. That good feeling is exactly what you should ignore. The odds are what you should pay attention to. This is why you’ll need to learn them and practice well enough to have a good idea of the cards you will be getting.

Whether you are playing free video poker Bitcoin games or not, the feeling of winning stays the same. Avoiding these mistakes will help ensure that you get to enjoy the highs of a win on a regular basis.