Bitcoin Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is the most well-known variety of Video Poker, be it Bitcoin or not. Due to its simple yet challenging highlights, this game has easily established its name; hence, played by most players in the domain of online betting. Speaking of its name, the very essence of this Bitcoin Video Poker game is based on this, Jacks or Better, since your main goal is to get pair of ‘Jacks’ or better card combinations to ensure a win.

Playing Jacks or Better is simple and easy. If you know how to play Video Poker as well as know its Card Ranks, you must not have problems with this Jacks or Better game. Initially, you get 5 cards face up. You get the chance to keep the cards you like and discard the ones you don’t like. With this, you can have the combinations of the cards to get a high card in the rank.

Importance of card ranks

In this Video Poker game, it is a must that you know the Card Ranks like the back of your hand. You must be asking why? It is simply because this will be your guide to know the card combinations you must aim for to get a good fortune. So, are you ready to get a good grasp of it? Then, let’s start from the lowest to highest.

The lowest in the card rank is the ‘One Pair of Jacks or Better’. It consists of a pair of cards which can be Jacks, Queen, Kings, or Aces.

The next one is ‘Two Pair’ which pertains to a hand that has two pairs of the cards; for example, two Aces and two Tens.

Third in the rank is ‘Three of a Kind’ which has three cards of the same value.

Fourth is the ‘Straight’ which depicts any five consecutive cards.

‘Flush’ is the fifth in the rank which is any five cards of the same suit in no particular order.

Sixth in the list is ‘Full House’ which pertains to a hand with three cards of one value and two cards of another value.

Seventh is ‘Four of a Kind’ which is a hand with four cards of the same value.

Eighth is the ‘Straight Flush ’. It shows five consecutive cards in the same suit.

Last and definitely the highest, is the Royal Flush. It consists of A, K, Q, J, and 10 of the same suit.

Play Jacks or Better with Bitcoin

Now that the card rank in Jacks or Better is more than clear to you, next thing for you to know is how to play this with bitcoins. With these digital coins, you can play this game anonymously and anywhere in the fastest and easiest manner you could ever imagine.

After you accomplished the registration that requires only username, password, and email address, you can now make a deposit to place a bet on Jacks or Better games. Two options are for you to do this, either send the required amount of bitcoins to the wallet address provided, or simply scan the QR code show. With a confirmation received, you are more than free to play this Jacks or Better game and have a sure flush! The known brands of Bitcoin casino offering this bitcoin game are 77Jackpot and Loki Casino.

Jacks or Better is definitely a great Video Poker game made more interesting and exciting with bitcoins. This bitcoin Jacks or Better game is sure to rock your world that you will certainly get loco with Jacks or Better Bitcoin Poker in video.