Online Video Poker Bitcoin

Whenever you are playing Bitcoin video poker, it’s hard to beat the odds that it offers to players. Even though the gameplay is similar to that of slots, gamblers who play online video poker Bitcoin often have a better chance of winning.

Unlike slots, where everything is dependent on random chance, a video poker game gives you a chance to shift the odds in your favor. At the start, players receive five cards. The decision then is how much you will be betting on the resulting hand and which cards you will keep and replace. The minimum goal is to reach a pair of Bitcoin Jacks or better. A pair of Jacks will get you back the amount that you bet. However, if you get better hands then they will give you a better return. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your video poker plays.

Always bet the maximum

Most of the time, it can be tempting to play it safe when you are gambling. When playing online video poker Bitcoin though, playing it safe is not so much a concern. Each hand already has a maximum amount that you can bet on them. If you bet this maximum amount and play your cards right, you will always be able to break even. That is if the win/loss ratio is average. However, smart play can also tilt it in your favorite. This means that your maximum bet can also ensure you get a maximum jackpot in online video poker Bitcoin games.

Know the pay tables

Online video poker Bitcoin games always feature a pay table. This is the amount that a player can win on each bet. Knowing this can give players an idea of whether to play or not. Some video poker games have different tables since these tables do not have a standard format. Check for a Bitcoin casino game that offer better odds and returns. As a simple rule, if a game offers a reward of more than your initial bet for a hand worse than a pair of Jacks, you should consider playing. Don’t play if a pair of Jacks is not enough to get back your bet.

Be aware of the odds

Knowing the odds is important. They tell you the probability of improving your hand and how many cards to discard and keep. For example, if you are holding a Jack and number cards in your hand, it’s better to throw everything but the Jack away. This is because you draw four new cards, each having a chance to become a Jack. Know the chances on gamble on them.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you play online video poker Bitcoin games.