Video Poker Bitcoin

Bitcoin video poker is one of the more popular Bitcoin games out there. Slot games may have the crown, but video poker comes in a close second. The first video poker games debuted in the 70s at many traditional casinos. They quickly became a popular part of the gambling landscape. When online Bitcoin casino sites entered the scene, they quickly converted for play into the digital realm. This is why when Bitcoin hit the scene, it was easy enough to add Bitcoin acceptance into the mix and play online video poker Bitcoin.

Learning how to play

Playing video poker Bitcoin is about the idea of playing a hand of poker. At the beginning, you place a wager. After that, you are dealt a hand of five cards. You then select cards that you will be discarding. These will then be replaced with a new set of cards. This is when it is determined on how much you win. This is done by determining how strong a hand you have. Each online video poker Bitcoin game has its own individual pay table which shows the winning hands.

Poker hands

If you don’t know poker, here’s a brief rundown on the potential hands when you play video poker Bitcoin for stakes. The most basic is the high card. This means that you do not have a set of cards with similarities. For online video poker Bitcoin, this hand usually gets you nothing. The next hand in the list is a pair. This means you have a pair of matched cards like two nines or two kings. However, there is still a ranking for the card’s value.   In video poker Bitcoin, there is usually no reward for cards below a pair of jacks. A pair of jacks or higher would usually be enough to get your bet back.

The next hand is three of a kind, which has three cards of a particular type. This is followed by a straight, which is a hand with consecutive ranks, counting upwards like two to six. Next is a flush, a hand where all the cards are the same suit. A full house is the next hand on the list. It includes a pair and a three of a kind. Four of a kind is next hand rank. The top two video poker Bitcoin hands are a straight flush, a hand that is both a straight and a flush, and a royal flush. Royal flush is a straight flush with the highest cards. Each hand brings higher returns, with the Royal Flush being the jackpot when playing video poker Bitcoin.