Grabbit Promotes Bitcoin In Exciting Mobile Game

Apr 07, 2016
Grabbit Mobile Game

Grabbit Mobile Game

ProducTank, the same company behind Gamerholic, unveiled its latest product called Grabbit, a mobile app that brings fun and entertainment designed to spread awareness about the cryptocurrency. Offered directly on the Gamerholic website and on the Google Play store, this newest mobile game is expected to become instrumental to promote Bitcoin through mobile games.

Gamerholic has been around for some time and has made a name for itself in Bitcoin circles. Originally starting as a fiat currency site, Gamerholic enabled players to bet small amounts of at least $10 on certain games like Madden. The gaming experienced broadened when the company decided to shift to Bitcoin after experiencing problems with real-money transactions.

Integrating Bitcoin significantly simplified the collection of payments and ensured zero chargebacks.

Playing Grabbit with Bitcoin

ProducTank’s Grabbit mobile game combines simplicity, rewards, and player interaction. The main objective of the game is for the players to grab hold of the prize at stake until the end of the round in order for them to win the reward. The mobile game flashes several prizes up for grabs, and it is up to the players which of these prizes they wish to get their hands on.

The main twist, however, is that the players are competing against each other. Thus, all players eyeing the prize will also be clicking on the product in hope to be the last one grabbing the prize when the clock ticks zero, signaling the end of the round.

Of course, people will note taking this lying down. They can continue on their clicking to get back in control of the product. The availability of other controls other than Grab like Slap and Grabbit hole makes the game more interesting and thrilling.

Moreover, players receive 25 free grabs when the game starts, but they will be required to pay for the grabs once they have consumed all free grabs. The usual price is the equivalent of $0.25 in bitcoins.


Pure fun and neat prizes

The frenetic pace of the game is quite exhilarating—much like the Bitcoin games in online casinos and other gambling sites—and players can be assured that many games come down the line with furious clicking. Since the basic idea is to be the one who is last holding the product, players either try to keep grabbing back the item with continuous clicks or to time their click right to be the one who is left holding it.

It does not hurt that the prizes being offered are attractive. Prizes for each round of Grabbit can range from bitcoins, Gamerholic coins, gift cards, video games to other equaling amazing items. With the NBA playoffs around the corner, Anari Sengbe, the man behind ProducTank even hinted that a couple of tickets would be used as prizes. He is quite confident that Grabbit is a great way of spreading cryptocurrency awareness, with bitcoins acting as part of the prize package.

As the newest mobile app to promote Bitcoin to a wider user base, Grabbit brings more hope that more people will begin to adopt Bitcoin, a mission that was once tasked to previous mobile-friendly Bitcoin games.