Coinbase Card | A Guide For Crypto Casino Players

A lot of crypto users need to transfer funds between the digital and the real world, and a crypto debit card might be a great solution. The Coinbase card is usually at the top of everyone’s lists – and it can be linked with pretty much every online casino. Check our digested guide for more info!

What Is a Coinbase Card?

coinbase debit card review

Coinbase has been one of the most popular crypto wallets in the world ever since it first appeared in 2012. It has become a default crypto wallet for many online casinos, and the reason why it’s so widely accepted is because of its reliability. Coinbase also offers its users more ways to spend crypto for everyday purchases, especially with the introduction of their crypto debit card.

A Coinbase card is essentially a visa card that links with your crypto wallet account. When users use a Coinbase debit card to make deposits at online casinos, they deduct cryptocurrency from their account by converting it into fiat currency before arriving at the recipient.

A Coinbase account is useful for crypto users who want to play at online casinos that don’t accept cryptocurrency. Using this method, players can get all the benefits of crypto online casinos without having to involve their bank.

Coinbase Card Supports 8 Crypto Assets

augur rep Augur (BAT)
basic attention token bat Basic Attention Token (BAT)
bitcoin btc Bitcoin (BTC)
bitcoin cash bch Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
ethereum eth Ethereum (ETH)
litecoin ltc Litecoin (LTC)
ox zxr Ox (ZXR)
stellar xlm Stellar (XLM)

How to Apply for a Coinbase Card

To apply for a Coinbase card, follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a Coinbase wallet and finish the required confirmation and KYC requirements.
  2. Deposit cryptocurrency into your Coinbase account (buy from the Coinbase marketplace).
  3. Access the Coinbase app from your phone (or PC) and select the Coinbase card option.
  4. Apply for a Coinbase card (US residents can apply for it, except in Hawaii).
  5. Wait for your Coinbase card application to be processed. Once it is processed, users get immediate access to their new Coinbase Visa Debit card via the Coinbase card App.

Note: Users can also apply and receive a physical card. This requires a card manufacturing fee and it takes 10 business days for the card to get shipped to your address.

How Do I Deposit Or Withdraw Money?

There are several methods how you can deposit funds into your Coinbase Debit card:

Funding options

  • Coinbase app
  • Coinbase website
  • Transfer funds from other digital and hardware crypto wallets

Withdrawal options

  • Make purchases with the card
  • ATM withdrawals (up to $1,000 per day)
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay (The card does not support Apple Cash)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Coinbase Debit Card

There are many advantages to having a Coinbase card. Here are some of the main benefits which you can come to expect:


Accepts many cryptocurrencies – Coinbase supports a lot of famous cryptocurrencies and many of them can be used with the Coinbase Debit Card. Users can select which currencies they wish to use for card payment (not all of them are supported)


No hidden fees – While there are transaction fees with every purchase, there aren’t any other fees for Coinbase card users. Users don’t have to pay an annual fee for owning a card and no fees for atm withdrawals (US only)


Advanced security features – to help protect your card and your crypto account the Coinbase Debit Card comes equipped with a few security features such as Two-step verification and Instant card freeze options.


Crypto rewards – Users can get rewarded in cryptocurrency every time they use a Coinbase Debit Card. This depends on which currency they are using with their Coinbase debit card or what type of promotion Coinbase currently has. Users can rack up rewards which they can later use for making even more deposits at online casinos.

Even though they aren’t deal breakers, there are a few disadvantages to owning a Coinbase Debit Card. Here are some of the negative features that users should be aware of:


High transaction fees – Coinbase is already notorious for its high transaction fees and things don’t change much when it comes to using a Coinbase Debit Card. All the fees are shown to users (so there aren’t any unpleasant surprises) but they are still very high nonetheless.


Not all coins can be used with a debit card – Coinbase is already known for being very unfriendly towards altcoins (even stable altcoins). Many users who like to invest in altcoins may not be able to use them to fund their Coinbase Debit Card.


It can be difficult to reach customer support – Being one of the most popular crypto wallets in the world, Coinbase has a very automated way of helping its users out. Even though their FAQ is helpful, getting help from an actual real person can be quite difficult. A lot of users complain about how unresponsive the Coinbase support team can be, especially when it comes to card issues.

Coinbase Card for Bitcoin Casinos

The Coinbase wallet is one of the most preferred crypto wallets for crypto casinos and a Coinbase card is accepted at every other online casino that accepts Visa cards. While a Coinbase card won’t be as useful to users who are already playing at crypto casinos, players can use a Coinbase card to get access to some of the best fiat-only online casinos.

This is a great solution for users who wish to play at fiat online casinos but don’t wish to share their bank account details with said casinos. The Coinbase visa card can even be used inside actual brick-and-mortar casinos.

Coinbase Card for Sports Betting

advantages-coinbase-cardJust like with online casinos, a lot of sports betting websites directly support Coinbase wallets. Users may even be able to directly link their Coinbase wallets and completely bypass all deposit and withdrawal procedures. Using a Coinbase wallet for sports betting is a quick, easy and safe payment method. A Coinbase wallet is a hassle-free way of placing bets online without involving any banks.

Is Coinbase Card Safe to Use?

Yes, a Coinbase card is safe to use. A Coinbase debit card uses the following safety features:

  • Two-step verification
  • Instant card freeze
  • Spending list to keep track of all purchases made
  • How to Place Sports Bets Using Cryptocurrency

How to Place Sports Bets Using Cryptocurrency

  1. Create a Coinbase account and verify it.
  2. Buy some cryptocurrency using your new account.
  3. Submit a request for a (virtual) debit card.
  4. Pick an online sports betting website that accepts cryptocurrency (visa debit card).
  5. Start placing bets.

The Benefits of Using Coinbase in Online Gambling

  • Speedy transactions – If you’ve ever used regular debit cards or bank transfers, you know long transactions can last. Using cryptocurrencies is much faster. This allows you to start playing games early and withdraw funds faster.
  • Lower fees – Bank transfer methods often cost quite a lot. Cryptocurrencies have costs too but are more reasonable. Cryptocurrencies like (LTC) are famous for having minimal transaction fees.
  • More payment options – With Coinbase, you get several different ways to pay. You can pay using many different cryptocurrencies and the debit card expands that list even more.
  • Tight security – As long as you keep your key phrase safe, you won’t have to worry about your wallet security. However, beware of phishing scams.

How Does Coinbase Benefit Online Gaming Operators?

Online gaming operators are always pushing players to use cryptocurrency instead of fiat currency. Here are some of the cryptocurrency facts that benefit online gaming operators.

  • More users – When gaming operators accept cryptocurrencies they get more customers. A lot of crypto owners like online gambling and so it makes sense that gaming operators would accept cryptocurrencies.
  • Lower costs – Many fiat payment methods cost a lot to implement and maintain. Adding cryptocurrencies is much easier and cheaper.
  • No chargeback – While it does not benefit the player, the lack of chargeback is great for online gaming operators. Once a crypto payment has been received, there is no way to reverse it, unlike with fiat currencies.
  • Global acceptance – Because cryptocurrencies are universal, accounts can be topped and funded from anywhere around the world. Crypto payments don’t need any banks or third-party involvement. This makes them attractive to online casino owners.

Gamble Responsibly with Coinbase Card

Crypto wallets are very safe, however, there are things that crypto users should be aware of when using their Coinbase accounts and cards:

  1. Do not share your key phrase with anyone. If anyone other than you has your key, they have access to your wallet. If you lose your key phrase, you lose access to your crypto wallet. There is no way to change or retrieve a key phrase.
  2. Double-check before you send your funds to another wallet address. Make sure that the recipient’s address is accurate. If funds are sent to the wrong address, they will be lost for good. Set gambling limits for yourself.
  3. Don’t spend too much money when gambling. Only gamble with what you are willing to lose.

User Reviews

what is the best bitcoin casino bitcoin casino reviews

What users like best

Users are generally happy with Coinbase. They like the fact that it’s a well-received crypto wallet that accepts a lot of cryptocurrencies. Coinbase Visa debit cards are also very popular with the userbase. Users like the fact that there is no card issuance fee and no annual fees.

What users dislike

Users are unhappy with how much converting one cryptocurrency to the other costs. They also don’t like that using some cryptocurrencies doesn’t offer any rewards. Even though a Coinbase card is a debit card, it doesn’t offer all the benefits that other debit cards do.

Coinbase Card Review Summary

A Coinbase Debit Card is a great solution for crypto users who wish to gamble at fiat online casinos. While acting as a regular visa card, it also offers users the ability to earn crypto rewards which get added to their Coinbase balance and can later be used for even more online gambling.

If you are someone who only gambles using crypto but wants to try out fiat casinos, a Coinbase debit card may just be the perfect solution for you. Thank you for reading our Coinbase Debit Card Review and we hope that it has provided you with some useful tips!

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