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Crypto prepaid debit cards seem to be all the rage among traditional gamblers. Fiat currency is simply not as rewarding as crypto debit cards, which may explain why a crypto-linked Visa card like might serve you well for online gambling. Read our card review for the key details! Card Explained card review

Visa cards are one of the most reliable and widely accepted payment methods throughout the world. Its variant has no annual fee and additional withdrawal expenses for small transactions while retaining Visa’s brand recognition as the most widely accepted card in the world, alongside Mastercard.

But the best thing about it is the ability to earn money as you spend it. It sounds crazy but this is how it works: First of all, you need to stake a certain amount of Cronos on your account. If you are on the fence about staking, we’ve covered some basics below to get you up to speed. In other words, is probably not the best card for you due to its reliance on staking in order to yield rewards and benefits.

Depending on the selected amount, your card will be assigned a tier upon which you can reap the benefits as you shop or pay for services in the form of cashback.

In addition to these perks, card owners can count on discounts at different services and subscription-based entities. Having said that, card is not without shortcomings, so be cautious and realistic when deciding whether this particular crypto debit card is your best option.

What is Card?

what is the Visa card is a debit card you can use to buy goods and services with cryptos. Particularly, it’s a prepaid debit card that can be used at casinos that accept Visa cards – and your crypto assets are instantly exchanged into a fiat currency necessary for each transaction. This means you are no longer at risk of overspending cryptos at the lower exchange rate, which happens a lot due to the volatile nature of all cryptocurrencies.

Besides this, crypto debit cards are known for their tempting crypto rewards, and the card is no exception. You can earn back up to 5% of each of your purchases, and the amount of the cashback depends on your card tier – the higher the tier, the better the reward. Cards Benefits

  • Easy to use a crypto prepaid card
  • Offers crypto rewards
  • No monthly or annual fee
  • No credit pull required
  • Widely accepted card
  • Airport lounge access
  • Reimbursement on eligible purchases

How Does the Visa Card Work?

In a nutshell, a card is a prepaid debit card you have to load your assets onto before hitting an online casino. It is entirely up to users to load cryptocurrencies or fiat money via the app. However, if you opt for real cash you can top up by using the money that’s been deposited already, or you can use a fiat-based credit or debit card like Visa.

What is Staking and How to Earn Rewards? staking rewards

Similar to banks and savings, staking is the easiest way to improve your crypto credit at a steady, albeit low rate. It represents a lock-up period of 180 days for some or all of your digital assets.

In essence, you are committing your Cronos tokens to the platform, and in return, you get crypto rewards indexed in CRO tokens. Staking is a process in which your committed crypto assets support the blockchain network and confirm users’ transactions.

Staking is possible with proof-of-stake cryptos, which proved to be more efficient than proof-of-work currencies that involve mining devices and graphic cards in order to harness the computing power needed to mine cryptos. Staking interests are way higher than bank savings, and an effective way to generate passive income. You don’t need expensive tech, it’s very safe and secure, and on top of it all, it’s eco-friendly. Card Tiers and Additional Benefits card features the native currency called Cronos, or CRO token. If you want to stake cryptos and collect rewards you have to use CRO tokens on this platform. There are five card tiers, depending on how many Cronos you wish to stake for 180 days.

  • Midnight Blue Card – CRO stake $0, CRO rewards 0%.
  • Ruby Steel Card – $400, 1% with a $25 monthly reward cap.
  • Royal Indigo/Jade Green – $4,000, 2% with a $50 monthly cap.
  • Frosted Rose Gold/Icy White – $40,000, 3% CRO rewards.
  • Obsidian – $400,000 CRO staked, 5%

Apart from the zero-fee annual costs, you can expect monthly spending credits for Airbnb and Expedia, on higher-level tiers. You can save up to $13,99 on Spotify (all tiers) and Netflix (Royal Indigo/Jade Green and up), and $14,99 for Amazon Prime (Frosted Rose Gold/Icy White and up).

If you stake enough CRO coins to qualify for higher tiers, Expedia and Airbnb arrangements will cost you 10% less, up to a monthly max of $50 for Expedia and $100 for Airbnb accommodation.

Users with Royal Indigo/Jade Green tiers and up can enjoy unlimited airport lounge access via LoungeKey. The service is available in around 1,100 lounges located at over 500 airports. Card Limitations

The next chapter is all about card limitations and things to look after if you are truly interested in owning and using this crypto debit card. Some of them are minor inconveniences, but others can be annoying.

Restrictions on rewards

A lot of users miss this information, but earning rewards and reimbursements is not available in all situations. A lot of merchants and service providers are excluded, here are some of the most important ones:

  • Insurance policies, both business and personal.
  • Novelty shops, gift shops, souvenirs, etc.
  • Computer software and similar goods.
  • Different utility services.

Capped monthly rewards

Some card tiers have crippling caps on monthly rewards, which is both annoying and frustrating. For example, The Ruby Steel card can earn up to $25 in rewards per month, while the Royal Indigo and Jade Green cards can yield up to $50. So in effect, you can get rewards only on your first $2,500 monthly expense.

Sadly, the flat rate rewards (like 2% on purchases) do not offer unlimited rewards, as most competitors do. This is definitely one of the biggest drawbacks of the card. Card Transactions Limits

Some crucial aspects of this card are not limited in any way. For instance, you can load, spend and withdraw as much as you want onto a card, generally speaking.

However, limitations are applied according to your card tier. The Midnight Blue card, which is the lowest card tier, has a maximum balance of $25,000 and purchase limits of $10,000 per day and $15,000 per month.

Replacement and inactivity fees

Depending on the situation, Visa Card charges the following fees:

  • $7 to reissue a Midnight Blue card.
  • $50 to reissue any other card above Midnight Blue.
  • $4.95 per month after one year (12 months) of inactivity.


  • Is Visa prepaid card a credit or debit card?

    As the name suggests, Visa prepaid debit card is not a credit card. Unlike traditional credit cards, all prepaid cards, including Visa debit cards, require ready-to-spend, deposited assets on your account in order to make a purchase, or pay for a service.

  • What is a Card tier?

    A card tier represents how valuable and profitable your Visa Card is. has five card tiers (Midnight Blue, Ruby Steel, Royal Indigo, Jade Green, Frosted Rose Gold, Icy White, and Obsidian) and each of them yields a certain amount of CRO rewards, depending on the card tier level. Card tiers can be raised or lowered by staking the Visa Card native crypto called Cronos (CRO). The more Cronos you stake in your crypto wallet, the higher your card tier.

  • Are my free ATM withdrawals limited in some way?

    Yes, there is a monthly limit depending on your preferred card tier. Your free ATM withdrawal ranges from $200 to $1,000. Any additional withdrawals include a 2% fee.

  • Are there any limitations to my reimbursements when I shop using Card?

    Unfortunately, there are. Do not count on insurance policies, business and personal, novelty shops, gift shops, souvenirs, computer software, and similar goods.

  • Can I use Card without any intent to stake Cronos tokens?

    Yes, you can use it regardless. But be aware that by doing so you are missing the best perks and benefits, and if staking is too much trouble for you maybe you should look for alternative crypto cards.

  • What is the minimum card tier that you recommend?

    In our experience, there is no point in staking Cronos coins if you do not intend to stake at least $400 in CRO tokens. That way, you can get 1% in CRO rewards, but they are capped at only $25 per month. If possible, the best option is to stake $40,000 and get a 3% in CRO rewards with no monthly cap.

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