Cryptopay is a Bitcoin debit card that allows you to make payments in online and brick-and mortar shops without transferring bitcoins or using cash.

After the success of Bitcoin, companies continue to make sure that you enjoy convenience when using crypto currencies. You will find different products that you can use like wallets and vaults. But you can extend the functionality of Bitcoin with the rise of Bitcoin debit cards. Now, if you are interested to get one, you can try Cryptopay. This debit card has proven to be reliable and safe that even players of Bitcoin dice, Bitcoin poker, and crypto slots find it to be worth having.

What are the features of Cryptopay?

One of the main reasons why crypto currency users are in favor of this card is that it allows you to buy from your local stores. Through Cryptopay, you just have to load your card from your wallet and you can now shop. With a simple swipe, you can take home the products that you want. Not only that, you can also shop online using this debit card. Just make sure that the store accepts crypto currencies as payment.

Moreover, once you decide to buy this card, the company will no longer verify your ID just for you to buy the card. You can just simply register with its website, pay the fixed fee, and wait for the card to arrive at your house within three to 10 business days. This is possible because the company has the cards in stock. Even better, the card will still have the same security features just like other debit cards.

How can you get a Cryptopay card?

Before you can buy your Cryptopay card, you have to make sure that your country accepts Bitcoin. Once you have confirmed that, you can now go to the official website of Cryptopay. You will see an Order Card button on the Accounts page. Although the card does not need your verification, you can still verify yourself and enjoy better card limits.

Once you have clicked the right button, you can then choose your preferred card type: physical or virtual. Then, you need to provide some personal info like your name, date of birth, and billing address. After, make sure to choose your delivery type and shipping address. The card will also ask you for your payment method, and the best part here is that you can pay using bitcoins and altcoins.

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