Paycent offers three different debit cards: Solitaire, Sapphire, and Ruby. Get any of them to explore what features and benefits they have in store for you.

Paycent is one of the Bitcoin debit cards that lets you use cryptocurrencies anytime and anywhere. Through this card, you can shop online as much as you want. Not only that, you can also buy from your favorite local stores. More importantly, this card also makes sure that your funds are safe with its security features.

If you are a Bitcoin gamer, you can benefit from using this card. You can transfer funds to Bitcoin casinos for you to continue playing Bitcoin dice and other games. It will give you all the chances to catch more Bitcoin casino bonus deals minus the hassle of converting funds from fiat to Bitcoin.

3 Types of Paycent Cards: Choose the Best One for You

To provide you with more options, Paycent offers three different cards. You can link the card to the multi-cryptocurrency wallet. With this, you can check your balance every now and then. You can also check if each transaction and purchase is correct. Find out the most suitable card for your needs.

  1. Solitaire Card – this is a limited edition card for Paycentos holders. You can buy this card if you have a daily spending unit of $100,000. You are also qualified to buy this product if you have a withdrawal limit of $5,000. When you meet these requirements, you can buy the card. Do not worry because the card issuance and delivery fee are waived for card holders.
  2. Sapphire Card – just like the Solitaire card, this card has its own set of requirements. You have to at least have a spending limit of $50,000 and a withdrawal limit of $3,000. Nevertheless, the delivery fee and card issuance for this card is still free.
  3. Ruby Card – this card can be generated through the app or you can go to the website to order it. Just like the two cards, it requires you to have a daily limit of $5,000. Not only that, you must also have a withdrawal limit of $1,000.

How Paycent Guarantees Top-Quality Services

Paycent is a Singapore-based company that aims to give clients relevant mobile applications. The goal of this company is to be the best in terms of providing clients with mobile and cashless transactions. To do this, the company gives you a convenient and safe platform for you to send and receive funds.

Moreover, the company focuses on the users and merchants as the target markets. The reason behind this is that you and other users will benefit the most from the products and services that Paycent offers.

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