Spectrocoin is a Bitcoin debit card that allows you to withdraw from any ATM machine. You can also use this to any store that accepts Visa and MasterCard.

Bitcoin debit cards are created to add more convenience as you use your crypto currencies. One example of a Bitcoin card is Spectrocoin. This card allows you to withdraw at any ATM machine around the world. To get the card, simply go to its official website.

Get to know Spectrocoin

The company started releasing debit cards in May 2015 and made sure to give clients front-to-back services. To give the clients world-class user experience, the Bitcoin card has useful features that users will surely love. The team behind Spectrocoin was also kind enough to pair it up with a Bitcoin wallet.

Moreover, with the development of crypto currencies, clients should expect that there will be more products to be released soon. This is true if you are a Bitcoin gamer because you can buy the products of this company to store your wins from Bitcoin dice, Bitcoin poker, and crypto slots.

Features of Spectrocoin

As of this writing, Spectrocoin is cheap compared with other Bitcoin cards. Not only that, the card shipping is also free. Moreover, you can request up to six debit cards per account wherein the company will allow you to get two cards per fiat currency and one for virtual and another for plastic.

Another advantage is that you can use this card anywhere as long as the store accepts Visa and MasterCard.  Apart from that, you can also link your PayPal account on this card. Lastly, you can use the card without limits.

How to order a Spectrocoin card

For you to have your Spectrocoin card, you have to go to its website. After that, you will see an Order Card option on the left panel. There, you will see the debit card order form in which you will see the card’s advantages and conditons. You just need to fill out the form that requires you to enter your pay currency, card currency, card type, payment amount, and discount voucher.

After that, you are required to provide some of your personal information. Once you are done, just confirm all the information that you entered and request for a card. Afterward, you just need to wait for your card to arrive.

The delivery time of the card usually takes three to four weeks. If you cannot wait for that long, you can speed up the shipping but in return you have to pay a fixed fee. The expedited shipping option will only let you wait for four to five days before you receive your card.

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