Xapo Debit Card

Xapo debit card lets you buy goods online and from your local stores. You can also monitor your card expenses through your wallet. Get your card today.

Xapo debit card is like your regular card that stores your cryptocurrencies. This card is linked directly to your Xapo wallet. And just like the rest of the Bitcoin debit cards, Xapo debit card is easy and convenient to use. You can bring it anywhere and make payments using the card. If you already have a Xapo wallet, then it is best that you get yourself the debit card, too.

Benefits of Xapo debit card

There are many benefits of this card, and of them is that you can use this card to store the coins that you received from playing crypto slots, Bitcoin poker, or any online game. You no longer have to go through an exchange for you to convert your coins to fiat currency because you can withdraw your earnings from an ATM. Through the Xapo debit card, gamers will not have to go through a lot of hassle and can spend more time playing games in Bitcoin casinos.

Apart from the benefits of this card to online gamers, regular card holders can also enjoy its advantages. With this card, you can now shop anywhere you want to, be it online and offline. At the same time, you can now pay for anything you wish to. Plus, you can easily fund your card through your wallet.

Moreover, this card also secures your funds and lets you monitor your expenses through your wallet. You can be at ease that no one will be able to access your coins because the company is also protecting your account. With the card’s link to the wallet, you can check your purchases every now and then.

Disadvantages of Xapo debit card

Unfortunately, the card has its own limits. Users can only make five, 10, and 20 in-store and online purchases per day, week, and month, respectively. This limit is done to make sure that you do not exceed your budget.

Apart from that, you can only withdraw two, 14, and 56 times per day, week, and month, respectively. Also, there are limits in the amount that you can withdraw depending on USD, EUR, and GBP. Luckily, you can lift these limits by upgrading your account.

Although the Xapo debit card has its limits, always remember that it comes with competitive features that prove to be useful to you and other users. Xapo might have limits that you do not like, but its benefits are unlike any other. You will not find any debit card with its features. With this card, you can expect that using cryptocurrencies will be a whole lot better than before.

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