Bitstamp is a Bitcoin exchange that allows you to buy, sell, convert, and trade crypto currencies. Now, this exchange is also Segwit compatible.

Bitstamp has been in the industry since 2011 and is one of the most popular Bitcoin exchanges. Its popularity extends worldwide and it even caters to traders based in the US.

This exchange offers several services that give convenience and accessibility to users of crypto currencies. This is the reason why players who enjoy Bitcoin poker and Bitcoin dice games should check out what they can get from this exchange. At the same time, crypto slots players will like the smooth trading process this exchange offers.

Advantages of Bitstamp

Other than its simple interface, this exchange is known for allowing bulk purchases. You can also send large amounts of funds to other users. Unfortunately, you are required to pay a specific fee for every transaction that you make.

To use Bitstamp, you just have to go to its website and create an account. The exchange promises to give you full access to your account. Once you have an account, you can now check the latest prices of altcoins and check the status of each trade. The exchange also allows you to send and receive funds from other users. It also provides you with an API to answer all your inquiries about the company. At the same time, you will learn the different features of the exchange there.

Other than those, the exchange offers you the two-factor authentication feature. Take note that you will instantly receive a notification if someone tries to hack into your account. But never worry because your wallet also has a secure sockets layer feature and PCI scanning that will protect your account from unauthorized servers.

New developments for Bitstamp

As of this writing, the exchange allows Bitcoin addresses to be Segwit compatible. This new feature allows the exchange to hold more transactions. Expect that there will be second-layer solutions that are included in this feature.

Also, the exchange launched a unified pricing structure. This feature will unify all the fees from all the crypto currencies that this exchange supports. There will also be an expansion on the exchange’s trading portfolio.

Moreover, the exchange is open to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) due to the demand of its customers. The exchange will allow BCH balances and support. Not only that, BCH users can also trade BCH using Bitstamp.

Bitstamp still plans to improve itself even if it is already loved by thousands of users. Upgrades will also give users more opportunity to explore and do more.

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