BTCChina is the oldest Bitcoin exchange in China. It also offers trading, mining pool, and wallet. The exchange is now available on your mobile phone.

BTCChina is a Bitcoin exchange dedicated to the Chinese market. This exchange became the world’s fifth largest Bitcoin exchange by volume because China is responsible for almost 90% of the Bitcoin transactions worldwide. Not only that, China holds about 23 percent of the Bitcoin trades as of this writing. Bitcoin exchanges like BTCChina are trusted by users because of their relevant features.

Features of BTCChina

If you wish to convert, buy, or sell bitcoins, you just need to create an account. The exchange will not ask for your personal information. Also, you are not only limited to bitcoins because the exchange is also open to altcoins.

Other than that, you can start trading Bitcoin Pro, DAX, and USD. The good thing about this exchange is that you are in control of your trading. You can even maximize your hedging potential and profit. The exchange also made sure that you will not have problems as you trade because of its simple interface. Experts and even first timers can easily trade with its design.

Moreover, there will be no issues even in terms of deposits and withdrawals. The exchange allows you to deposit through your bank, crypto capital, and credit card. You can even deposit up to 10 BTC a day. Other than the exchange, BTCChina also offers services such as digital payment method, mining pool, and Bitcoin wallet.

BTCChina and other Bitcoin exchanges

There might be a lot of exchanges that emerged after BTCChina, but the users of this Chinese Bitcoin exchange stayed because it has proven to be reliable and fast.

Users approve the services it offers and are happy with it. This is because other than the useful features, the exchange is also composed of experienced professionals. This means that the creators of this exchange are experts to provide you with world-class user experience. Traders and regular users depend on this exchange for updates in the market. This exchange makes sure to announce any change in the value of each crypto currency.

Moreover, you can access this exchange on your mobile phone. This feature will keep you updated on the latest price of crypto currencies. The app allows you to monitor the current price as well as to trade on your phone.

Further, this exchange is recommended to Bitcoin gamers who enjoy playing Bitcoin dice and Bitcoin poker. Just make sure that you read a Bitcoin casino review first before you register in the casino.

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