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Cash App is an easy-to-use application for sending and receiving funds. It’s primarily a fiat payment application, although it allows the use of Bitcoins as a direct payment method in many online casinos. Keep reading our Cash App review for more details!

What Is Cash App?

cash app review

Cash App is an application for both mobile phones and PC that offers a convenient way of sending and receiving money. Cash App is not a bank but an independent entity used as an extra layer of protection during online money transactions. The app was launched in 2013 and quickly became one of the most popular methods of sending and receiving money. Since then, many businesses, including online casinos and sports betting websites, implemented Cash App as a payment method.

In 2020, Cash App officially opened its doors to Bitcoin. Users in the United Kingdom and United States now have an incredibly easy way to buy and trade Bitcoin using their Cash App accounts, particularly:

  • Buy, sell and send Bitcoin to other wallets.
  • Cash App Investing and stock exchange trading.
  • Custom physical debit card (probably the only free debit card with instant discounts).
  • Speedy and helpful customer support.

The debit card (Cash Card) is issued by Cash App’s Banking Partners but is not directly associated with any banks.

Cash App Company Overview

Cash App is owned by Square, a company that managed to turn a simple app into a universally accepted payment method. Since its release, Cash App has managed to become one of the most used apps for sending and receiving funds, second only to Venmo.

Square has been a huge supporter of crypto ever since the craze began back in the late 2000s. The company bought roughly 50 million Bitcoin and implemented a feature on the app so that users would be able to buy them with a simple click of a button.

Cash App is often accepted as a direct payment method in many online casinos. With the ability to buy Bitcoin directly from the app itself, Cash App can also be used at most crypto casinos.

Cash App Pros and Cons



  • Easy to set up
  • Advanced security features
  • Great customer service


  • Only accepts Bitcoin
  • Available in UK and USA only
  • High fees when using Bitcoin

How to Create a Cash App Account?

Creating a Cash App account is easy. Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to playing at Bitcoin Casinos:

  1. Download Cash App from the PlayStore/AppStore or access it through a web browser.
  2. Create a Cash App account.
  3. Link your debit/credit card or a different payment method to your cash app.
  4. You are ready to use Cash App.

To buy Bitcoin using Cash App, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Cash App and navigate to the stock trading section.
  2. In stocks, search for Bitcoin.
  3. Select Bitcoin and input how much you want to buy.
  4. Buy Bitcoin using your Cash App payment method.

OPTIONAL: Transfer your Bitcoin from the Cash App to a different crypto wallet

Using Cash App in Online Casinos

A lot of online casinos actually accept Cash App as a direct payment method, so you may not even need to buy any Bitcoin using the app.

In order to get access to most Bitcoin casinos, Cash App is one of the easiest payment methods to do so. This is because Cash App treats buying Bitcoin as buying stocks, which isn’t that far from how Bitcoin actually works (when you consider how volatile they are). Once you buy Bitcoin using the app, it is stored directly in your Cash App wallet.

Unlike most Bitcoin wallets out there, you are not the owner of Bitcoins per se. As long as the Bitcoins remain on your Cash App, you are merely borrowing them from the app itself. Luckily, this isn’t much of a hindrance since you can still freely use them at any online casino that accepts Bitcoin. You can also transfer them to a different wallet and become the actual owner of said Bitcoins.

Cash App Accepted Cryptocurrencies

cash app accepted cryptocurrencies

In terms of cryptos, Cash App only deals in Bitcoin. No other cryptocurrency is sold by the app, no matter how stable or influential it may be. This is mainly because Cash App is primarily an app for transferring fiat currency. Buying Bitcoin is seen as more of a perk than the main reason to own the app.

With that said, Cash App avoids going through all the KYC procedures and complicated setups that most other crypto wallets go through. Because of this, a lot of online casino players who just want to play using Bitcoin find Cash App to be one of the best choices for buying Bitcoin quickly.

PC Version

Cash App doesn’t have a downloadable app for pc or mac users. In order to use Cash App on pc, users simply need to go to their website and log in. From there, you can check your Cash App Balance, deposit and withdraw funds, buy and sell stocks and, naturally purchase Bitcoin.

Many PC casino players also find it helpful to keep Cash App running in a separate window while they are playing casino games in order to keep an eye on their balance.

Mobile Version

Most casino players (and users alike) prefer the Cash App mobile app because of its convenience. Anyone can download the app by visiting either the App Store or the Play Store and quickly setting up an account.

The Mobile app is especially convenient because you are able to do all your buying, selling, and money transferring on the go. You can also quickly purchase some Bitcoin and quickly transfer them to a crypto casino wherever you may be, as long as you have a stable Internet connection.

cash app desktop version


Cash App has a lot of security features to protect your funds including your Bitcoin. According to their website, Cash App uses cutting-edge encryption and anti-fraud technology. Along with all that, users also get to turn on and off various layers of security, including

  • Receiving a unique code every time users log in via email
  • Using a pin code is required before every transaction
  • Account alerts via SMS and Email
  • The ability to store your Bitcoin in cold storage (offline accounts)

Cash App Fees

Cash App has high fees when compared to other crypto wallets. Firstly, users have to pay the regular Cash App fee for every transaction they make. When buying Bitcoin, users also need to pay around 1.75% of the total amount in fees.

Users who withdraw funds using the Cash app customizable Visa debit card via ATM, need to pay a $2 fee for each transaction.

Compared to other crypto wallets these can be hefty fees. Cash App’s reasoning behind this is that they still offer one of the most secure ways to purchase and store Bitcoin. For online casino players who already have to deal with casino fees, this might be a deal breaker should they stack up.

Customer Support

cash app customer support

Cash App has one of the best customer services in the industry. All registered users can get support through the mobile app or from the main website page. Users can get support using the FAQ, through email support, direct phone support and live chat support. Every support option is available 24/7.

User Reviews

What users like

Users mostly like how easy it is to use Cash App. It is one of the easiest methods to purchase Bitcoin without the need for rigorous KYC procedures. Casino players appreciate that they can easily load up their Bitcoin Casino account using Bitcoin purchased with Cash App.

Users also appreciate all the brokerage options by Cash App Investing LLC and the ability to transfer funds to an external bank account instantly. Users also like how Cash Card Transactions instantly apply discounts during checkouts.

What users dislike

Users dislike the high fees when they transfer money and when they buy Bitcoin. Cash App charges standard fees (anywhere from 0.5% – 1% per transaction) for all their transactions but there are many other fees for other actions. There are fees for withdrawing funds and fees for buying Bitcoin. Users also dislike the fact that Bitcoin continues to be the only cryptocurrency available at Cash App.

Is the Cash App Trustworthy?

With encrypted transactions and numerous security features, Cash App is one of the safest exchanges to date. Cash App enables buying BTC and using it at online casinos rather quickly.

Despite the fact that it’s primarily a fiat money transfer application, the app offers a lot of benefits for both online casino players and sports bettors alike. Thank you for reading and we hope that we have helped you with your decision about Cash App!


  • Is CashApp safe?

    Yes, Cash App is very Safe. It uses cutting-edge encryption and anti-fraud technology to keep your Bitcoin and fiat currency safe.

  • Is CashApp good for online casinos?

    Cash App is great for online casinos because it allows users to quickly purchase Bitcoin without using a crypto exchange website. Some online casinos even directly support Cash App as a deposit and withdrawal method.

  • Is CashApp available in my country/region?

    Cash App is only available in the United States and the United Kingdom.

  • Does Cash App work in Canada?

    At the moment, Cash App is not available in Canada as a mobile payment method.

  • Will Cash App refund money if scammed?

    Cash App support has a habit of monitoring your account activity in the search for anything that looks out of the ordinary. Potentially fraudulent payments can be prevented. In that case, your funds are instantly returned to your Cash App balance or linked bank account.

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