Review | Quick Exchange Guide For Casino Players is one of the most popular crypto exchange platforms in the world that supports advanced security features, staking, a crypto debit card, and even NFT trading. Here, we’ve digested everything you need to know about exchange and how your online gambling can benefit from it.

What is Exchange?

crypto com review is an exchange platform for buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrency. This platform supports more than 250 different cryptocurrencies making it one of the best crypto exchanges for users who like to experiment with different coins.

The platform also supports advanced trading features like trading, margin trading, investing, and staking which is great for users who like to gamble even outside the casino. When it comes to fees, can either be the best or the worst. If users invest in CRO coins (’s own coins), they can get the best rewards and the lowest fees.

If users don’t invest in CRO coins, they will find relatively high fees compared to other exchange platforms. Lower fees are always appreciated, especially with online crypto gambling, because fees tend to pile up and that leaves fewer funds for free spins and deposits.

Even though has 24/7 customer support, many users find them unhelpful. Quite a few users reported that customer support representatives refused to help or simply didn’t care about issues.
Modern crypto casino players will be happy to know that also supports NFT trading. Many crypto casinos have started using NFTs as a currency so this is a great opportunity to get into NFTs if you are looking for a new exchange/wallet.

Is Safe?

Yes, is very safe. The website employs various security measures to keep user data protected and is the first crypto company in the world to have obtained ISO/IEC 27701:2019, ISO22301:2019, ISO27001:2013, and PCI:DSS 3.2. A lot of the website’s assets are also stored in cold storage for an extra layer of security. is relatively new when compared to other crypto exchange websites. The company behind the platform was founded in 2016 in Hong Kong. Since the company platform launched, it gained about 10 million users worldwide from over 90 different countries. Despite their wide availability, has limited support in the US. quickly established itself as more than just another exchange platform by introducing advanced trading features and by accepting lots of different cryptocurrencies. When it comes to online gambling, is often used by players as a preferred exchange/wallet. Many players who are also crypto enthusiasts say that the rewards offered by are worth it while less experienced crypto users (who also like online gambling) say that the platform is a bit too confusing. Pros and Cons

  • Great rewards for users who are willing to invest in CRO coins.
  • Accepts more than 250 cryptocurrencies.
  • Users can stake, invest and even trade NFTs.
  • Customer support isn’t great.
  • High exchange fees for users not willing to invest in CRO coins.
  • Not very beginner-friendly.

How to Create a Account?

To create a Account follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the website or download the App from the PlayStore or AppStore.
  2. Sign up for a account by entering your username, email, and password.
  3. After confirming your account, you need to go through the KYC checkup process where you need to submit a copy of your ID and a selfie (while holding a randomly generated code). US citizens may need to go through more KYC verifications (social security number, contact information, phone verification, etc.).
  4. Log into your new account and link your bank account/payment method.

OPTIONAL: Set up two-factor authentication and other security features (face ID, Touch ID, etc)

Using in Online Casinos

Casino players who wish to make the most out of their crypto casino experience might enjoy using offers great rewards for users who invest in the right cryptocurrencies (especially CRO coins). By investing in these coins, users can get significantly lower trading fees from 0.1% to about 0.04% per transaction. These become invaluable during online gambling when every (crypto) penny counts towards your next wager.

Unfortunately, this is only valuable if you invest in CRO coins, otherwise, tends to have pretty high fees of about 0.4% for each transaction. In short, a exchange account is only at its best if loaded with enough CRO coins.

Many users who are new to crypto trading say that is too confusing because of all the features it has while crypto enthusiasts love it. If you are already familiar with how crypto works and need a place to keep your cryptocurrency and NFTs safe while also enjoying casino games, may be the exchange/wallet for you. Supported Cryptocurrencies

As of this writing, accept well over 250 different cryptocurrencies. If you are worried that won’t have a specific currency for your online casino, don’t be. Out of almost all well-known crypto wallets, accepts the most cryptocurrencies. In addition to accepting all stablecoins, is no stranger to altcoins and many casino-specific coins either.

PC App does not have a downloadable PC app so users will have to log in through any Internet browser. With that said, the PC app is very limited when compared to the mobile app. Users are only able to use the exchange functions on the PC. For the full experience, users should stick to the mobile app. Even on the official page, the company has stated that they prefer the mobile version of their app because it’s superior.

Mobile App mobile app gives users full access to their Crypto wallet and the crypto exchange. This is also the only way to manage your crypto assets as the PC browser version doesn’t allow that. The app runs really well and during our testing, we did not run into any issues. It’s very easy to set up an account and link your credit or debit card. The mobile app is also the only way how users can send crypto to a different wallet.

crypto com app Visa card

Users who want a fast way to spend crypto in the real world can apply for a visa card. Getting a virtual card can be done directly through the app and the process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. All users are allowed to apply for a virtual visa card as long as they have some crypto holdings on their account.

crypto-com-visa-cardUsers can also apply for a physical Visa card. There is a small manufacturing fee (about $5) and users have to wait for about 2 weeks until the card is shipped to their address. After receiving the card, users can use it to shop anywhere where Visa cards are accepted, withdraw crypto at ATMs (In form of fiat currency), and even play at online casinos that only accept fiat currencies.

Security is a pretty secure crypto exchange website. It uses multi-factor authentication, whitelisting, and various other features to keep users and their cryptocurrency safe from hackers. Most of the crypto assets stored are kept in cold storage wallets for maximum security.

With that said, in January 2022, got hacked and lost 35 million dollars. More than 800 users had their funds stolen. Since then, the company has upped its security while also reimbursing all the affected users. While users weren’t happy about the hack, the company has done them a solid by reimbursing them.


If users invest a good amount of money into CRO coins (’s own cryptocurrency) they are going to find one of the cheapest exchanges for trading crypto. Otherwise, is one of the more expensive exchanges.

Most transactions and withdrawal fees on the platform take a 0.4% cut. However, the more CRO coins users have, the better as the fee-per-transaction can drop down from 0.1% to as low as 0.04%. However, to achieve such low fees, users have to invest in a lot of CRO coins, which isn’t something that everyone wants to do.

Luckily, there are other cryptos that award similarly small fees (although none of them are as effective as CRO coins). These change from time to time so users should keep an eye out for which coins are worth investing into.

On the other hand, to deposit crypto users can rejoice as offers free crypto deposits on all coins. This is invaluable for crypto traders and online casino players who wish to use their wallets directly for online casinos. Customer Support

crypto com customer support

According to most users’ reviews,’s customer support leaves a lot to be desired. The platform offers live chat support and email support. Many users, however, report that they never get a reply when contacting support via email, while the live chat support is slow and could use some improvement.

User Reviews

What users like

Users really like all the extra options that provides. With the ability to invest, stake, and trade NFTs, offers a lot of great methods for crypto enthusiasts and crypto online casino players.

It’s also impressive that can support so many different cryptocurrencies (over 250 of them). Finally, users who invest in CRO coins are more than happy with reduced fees.

What users dislike

Users dislike that the only way to unlock lower fees is to invest a significant amount of money into CRO coins. Without investing, fees are a bit on the higher side.

Because of all of its advanced features, many casino players (new to cryptocurrency) find this exchange too intimidating to use. Lastly, many users aren’t happy with the response times and general helpfulness of customer support. Review Summary is one of the best cryptocurrency exchange sites/wallets for casino players who want to get the most out of their crypto investment. Users who invest in the right currency can find a great exchange with some of the lowest fees in the market.

On the other hand, inexperienced crypto users may find the app a bit too intimidating especially for their first crypto wallet/exchange. We found to be a pretty great wallet for online gambling and keeping our cryptos and NFTs safe. Thank you for reading our review and we hope that we’ve helped you make your decision about this wallet!


  • Is good for online casinos? is great for online casinos, especially for users who take full advantage of all the advanced features. This exchange does a lot more than simply allow users to buy and sell crypto, and users can significantly lower their transaction fees if they invest in the right coins.

  • Is available in my country/region? is available in over 90 countries.

  • How to withdraw money from

    To withdraw money from, you can do the following:

    • Withdraw to your bank account/credit card.
    • Buy digital goods online.
    • Get a physical Visa card and use an ATM.
  • When will Exchange be available in the US? is available in most US states but some of its features may be unavailable. is not available in places like New York and many other states don’t have access to NFT trading or staking. According to the website, the company is hard at work bringing all its features to all US citizens.

  • What does missing feature exchange mean on

    This message actually means that trading isn’t available in your country. Many US users are getting this message when they try to exchange CRO coins for a different currency.

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