Breadwallet gives users seamless Bitcoin transactions whether they are using an Android or iOS mobile device. Use this Bitcoin wallet for convenience.

In the past, mobile wallets are only limited to Android phones. But thanks to Breadwallet, iOS users can now enjoy a mobile Bitcoin wallet on their phone. Breadwallet is the first standalone iOS Bitcoin wallet. This wallet makes sure that there will be no server that will try to hack your account, and therefore, the system ensures the safety of your account.

Not only that, the wallet also has relevant features that make it better compared with other mobile wallets. This well-known wallet is recommended for beginners and seasoned users.

What Breadwallet can offer

You might have heard that one of the flaws of mobile wallets is that it cannot download the blockchain. But this wallet can directly connect you to the Bitcoin blockchain because of the simple payment verification feature. All your transactions are free because Breadwallet is an open source. You can also monitor your transactions through this feature.

Apart from that, the main goal of the wallet is to secure your crypto currencies. This is possible with the wallet’s security model that keeps your account safe from security holes, virtual theft, and malware. There is also a personal recovery backup system that will help you recover your account in case you lose it.

What to expect from this wallet?

Once you have downloaded this wallet, you can expect that from now on, you can easily pay, transfer, buy, sell, and convert crypto currencies. This wallet will make using bitcoins easy as possible with its features.

Do you want to buy products from your favorite local store? You can use this wallet and scan the QR code to pay. Are you intrigued to try playing Bitcoin dice? Use your wallet and register with that Bitcoin casino and maybe you can win a Bitcoin casino bonus and double your coins.

Breadwallet makes sure that you will enjoy using crypto currencies with this wallet. You will appreciate how convenient it is and how the finance industry improved with this.

What is next for Breadwallet?

As of this writing, there are a lot of third-party providers that are willing to make a partnership with this wallet. Soon, there will be fiat handling and other paid services available for you. There will be new PoS blockchains that will help you with new opportunities. You will also be able to categorize your finance with its multifaceted concept. There are tons of features to expect that will not disappoint you.

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