BitGo is a HD wallet that stores your crypto currencies. This wallet offers high-quality security features that keep your account safe at all times.

A software Bitcoin wallet is the type of wallet that keeps your account on the server. You can easily access your wallet because it is always online. One example of this wallet is BitGo that was released in 2013. This wallet is also the first HD multi-sig wallet that properly stores your crypto currencies. Find out more about this software wallet.

BitGo and its features

With BitGo, you can buy, trade, and convert bitcoins. The wallet uses the standards of a multi-sig for privacy. This is why co-signing is always required whenever the wallet is used. It is not just a simple multi-sig wallet because it is also hierarchical deterministic. Once you start using this wallet, it backs up your account right away even with just a single change.

The wallet also has platforms and services for B2B and B2C applications. You can check your wallet 24/7 because it alerts you for every confirmed transaction. The wallet also makes sure to track logs and Bitcoin holdings. There are also features related to processing, payments, logistics, and compliance.

Moreover, this wallet is helpful in empowering businesses and improving society. Compared with other software wallets, BitGo stands out in development, delivery, and design. It uses API to make sure that it is fast, protected, and simple.

Attractive qualities of BitGo

As a wallet that can process up to a billion transactions in a month, this software wallet has proven to create some of the first in the history of Bitcoin wallets. As of this writing, the wallet allows instant transactions. There is no need for you to wait long confirmations just for you to transfer bitcoins. With this new feature, you can easily receive bitcoins once the sender receives the receipt.

Users have been loyal to this wallet because of its performance and upgrades. Through the years, it has proven to be a wallet that you can rely on. There are online gamers who use this wallet because it is easy to access and allows them to store their coins from Bitcoin poker or any online game. This wallet is also the reason how these gamers can conveniently register in a Bitcoin casino and were given a Bitcoin casino bonus.

BitGo is a wallet created for all types of users, be they for small or large businesses. The wallet has useful interfaces that can satisfy any user’s needs. With this wallet, you will enjoy using Bitcoin and altcoins.

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