Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase was founded in 2012 with the aim of selling and buying bitcoins. Now, it is the leading exchange company that also offers a software wallet.

Coinbase is the leading exchange company that provides services to convert crypto currencies to and from fiat currencies. The company does exchanges for 32 countries as of this writing. With its success as an exchange comes a useful software Bitcoin wallet under the same name. Now, it does not only do exchange services but also works as a software wallet.

Coinbase wallet and vault

Coinbase as a wallet is pretty much the same as other wallets. It stores and secures your coins from hackers and viruses. You can easily pay, transfer, buy, and sell bitcoins with other users. But its difference is that it can easily exchange your crypto currencies to fiat currency.

Coinbase makes it easier for you to convert your coins and move them to your wallet. You do not have to search for a reliable exchange company because Coinbase is already here. This is helpful in case your bitcoins are not enough to play Bitcoin dice because you can easily convert your fiat currency and directly pay the Bitcoin casino.

All types of Bitcoin wallets can serve as a vault because it stores your keys and address, but the company made sure to create a separate vault for you to keep your coins in. The developers noticed that unfortunate events like hacking or virtual theft is impossible to avoid. That is why, if you feel that you have earned a lot from crypto slots, you have the option to move your coins to a vault.

This vault is like a wallet, but it is secured by a third party. The company will keep your vault safe and away from theft. You can move as many coins as you want, or even share your vault to your family. As of this writing, the only crypto currency it keeps is Bitcoin. But it will not take too long before other crypto currencies join the platform as well.

Other Coinbase products

If you think that an exchange, software wallet, and vault are all that this company can offer, you are mistaken. The company also offers the Shift card and its own API. Shift card is like a Visa card that is connected to your wallet. This card will help you buy products from your local stores, just like a debit card. After each payment, you will receive a notification in your wallet. All payments and transactions through this card are free.

Moreover, API is a good service for developers because this will help them build applications. It can help them mold and improve their skills. Also, through API, users can accept payments in both digital and fiat currencies.

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