Xapo is a Bitcoin wallet that also has a vault and card. The wallet is easy, convenient, and secured. Try this wallet to find out more about its features.

Xapo is a software Bitcoin wallet that is proven to be secured and free. Users are fond of this wallet because it is convenient and easy to use. The company made sure that users will not have troubles using this wallet because of its simple interface. Not only that, the wallet also has strong security features to make sure that your account is safe at all times.

Advantages of Xapo wallet

Just like a regular Bitcoin wallet, Xapo lets you sell, buy, receive, pay, transfer, and store crypto currencies. You are also in control of your funds because no one will be able to access your account except for you. The wallet also allows you to monitor your expenses and transactions. Even if Xapo is similar to other wallets, the company made sure that this wallet has features that others do not have. Other than that, Xapo also lets you trade your crypto currencies with 150 fiat currencies. Also, the wallet is easy to access because it is always online. You can easily check your wallet for any updates.

Furthermore, the wallet also has security features just like a hardware wallet. You can also link the wallet to your mobile phone. This way, you can access your wallet any time you want to. Also, there will be a second-factor authentication feature to ensure that your wallet is safe from unauthorized servers and hackers.

Other Xapo products

Apart from the wallet, the company also offers you a vault and card. These products are created to give convenience to its clients. The vault works as a storage for you to keep your crypto currencies. Clients who prefer to separate their funds should try this. For example, those who like to play Bitcoin casino games can make a vault to store their wins from Bitcoin dice and crypto slots. If you use the vault, you can be at ease that if someone hacks your wallet, you still have funds on your vault. Compared to the wallet, the vault has more security features to avoid virtual theft.

Other than the vault, the card is also an essential product. With the card, you can easily withdraw and deposit your funds. You can also use the card to buy goods from your local stores. Just make sure that the store accepts crypto currencies as payment. The company made sure to link the card to the wallet for you to be able to see your expenses.

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