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Korbit is the first Bitcoin exchange in Korea and offers quality services that promise quick, reliable, and secure transactions for Bitcoin and altcoins.


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Korbit is the first Bitcoin exchange in Korea and it offers its advanced technology unlike any other. It provides you with the cryptocurrency chart that lets you monitor the price of each in real time.

It is also one of the Bitcoin exchanges that allow you to trade Bitcoin and altcoins. If you want to use its services, you only need to register. These are just a couple of the reasons why even players of Bitcoin slot and Bitcoin casino games see Korbit as a reliable exchange.

Advantages of Korbit

Over the years, Korbit became the longest-running exchange in Korea. A lot of users prefer to trade in this exchange because of its features. Being the first exchange in Korea, it is responsible for bringing Bitcoin to Korea. And it was followed by altcoins like Dash, Monero, Litecoin, Ethereum, Zcash, and Augur.

It is also the exchange that offered the best customer service to its clients. You can email or call your inquiries and expect to get an immediate response from the exchange. This feature helps you to deliver your complain or suggestions to the exchange easily. This can also help the exchange improve and be more interactive with its clients.

To make sure that your account is safe, the exchange places all the deposits offline in a cold wallet. This can prevent instances of hacking or virtual theft. The exchange also uses API in its system to be able to give you all the info about your orders, transfers, trades, and more.

Apart from that, Korbit also offers you a money remittance service in which you can send and receive money from any Korean bank. You will send bitcoins and the exchange will convert it to your local currency. You can send as much as you want because there are no transaction fees. If you wish to send money outside Korea, you can do it through Bitwire. This feature lets you send and receive cryptocurrencies to and from Korea.

Korbit’s difference from other exchanges

Korbit ensures that it follows the laws and regulations of Korea, as well as to keep your account safe. That is why it follows the Information Communication Network Promotion and Information Protection Act. This means that the exchange will require you to give some of your personal info but it will not be used or sold to other users. The data that the exchange will get are used whenever you encounter problems with your account. It will serve as your code for you to access your account in case it gets hacked.

Other than those features, the exchange is safe and reliable that even Bitcoin gamers are using it too. This is because the exchange could benefit them if they are in need of more coins for their Bitcoin dice or Bitcoin slot.



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