Interesting Mind-Blowing Slot Games to Play with Bitcoin

Jun 25, 2017
Interesting Mind-Blowing Slot Games to Play with Bitcoin

There are several mind-blowing slot games that anyone can play with Bitcoin. Since not all video slots use the same old free game or wild symbol features, there are features that stand out.

These Bitcoin slot games play around the concept of the reels and other staple digital slot features. These incredible slots provide something new which will entice you to give them a try with your Bitcoin.

Copy Cats – NetEnt

The first game is sure to blow minds with its massive amounts of cuteness. This NetEnt slot’s Copy Cat feature is centered on the four cat symbols. Players can trigger this when they fill the first reel with three similar cat symbols. When they catch these, all cat symbols in the four reels will turn into the same cat as the one in the first reel.

What makes NetEnt’s Copy Cat feature worth the Bitcoin is its scatter mode. During this mode, the odds of the wild symbol to fill the first reel are very high. The Copy Cat feature will work with the wild symbol where every cat symbol will turn into wild ones.

Play Space Invaders slot from Playtech

Space Invaders – Playtech

Playtech is popular for its branded slots such as its branded slots. One of the most notable slots from the company is its Space Invaders game. Playtech spends a good amount of details on the look of the game. The reels structure is that of an arcade cabinet with the spin and function buttons designed to be just like the ones at an arcade.

The unique feature of Space Invaders slot is the player’s ship and the UFO at the top of the reel. If the UFO and ship are on the same reel or position, the ship shoots down the UFO and triggers the scatter mode. While the scatter mode might be the same as the ones in a regular slot, the execution of triggering the mode is unique. The feature also stays true to its arcade game source material.

Whospunit – Betsoft Gaming

Whospunit slot is a spinoff game of the board game Clue. This game also uses a similar gameplay mechanic as the board game.

The notable feature of Whospunit is its Detective or Clue Collecting Mode. During the normal part of the game, players earn Clue Coins. These coins will give a scatter payout and a free game during the Special Clue Collection Mode. This mode automatically triggers when five real-time minutes pass by.

In the Clue Collection mode, players gain Clue Points which will show the murder weapon, location, and possible killer. Collecting five Clue Points will allow the player to move to the next level. Solving or getting past the three levels of the Clue Collection mode will trigger the bonus round. During this portion, a player can accuse and interrogate a suspect if he can get an Evidence Symbol to appear in the center of the middle reel. Accusing the suspect will give players a massive payout from this high-definition 3D Betsoft Gaming slot.