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Interview with Ariol Xiao, Manager of Overseas Marketing at Wonderlandpay

Ariol Xiao is Wonderlandpay's Manager of Overseas Marketing. WonderlandPay is a global payment service provider based in Hong Kong and with branches in China. The company services clients worldwide and has existing accounts from Asia, US, and Europe.

Please introduce your brand and tell us something about the team behind it. What is your advantage over other brands?

Wonderlandpay was created in 2012. Our passion is to provide a payment wonderland for customer. Our advantage is we have long and stable relationship with banks, as we work directly with Chinese bank. Our funds are safe as the bank never freezes our money.

What is your current role, and what are your biggest challenges? Can you tell us something more about your background?

My current role is business development. The biggest challenge is to find suitable, good-quality merchant.  I joined Wonderlandpay last year, and this coming April will mark my first anniversary here. Before, I was with a traditional trading company.

Tell us about Wonderlandpay’s achievements in 2019. How has 2020 been for you so far?

2019 was a hard year for us. We lost Visa channel in 2019, but our revenue didn’t decrease. All of our sales teams tried their best to get merchants. Unlike in 2019, we were very positive in the beginning of 2020. But with the influence of coronavirus, all of us have been working at home for nearly 2 months now. Luckily, our business didn’t have a big decrease in revenue. With a positive outlook this 2020, we believe everything will go well.

Which markets do you focus on? Do you see potential in the emerging markets?

We provide payment solution across the globe, except in China and Turkey. We’re doing good in the US online casino gambling market. In fact, we have a high approval rate in this market.

Tell us something about the integration process. How do you manage it?

We are doing server-to-server API connection. Once a client starts working with us, we send them the API documents. Our technician then helps the client finish the API connection.

What do you think will be the next step for the payment industry?

Crypto payment solution will be more and more popular, and lots of electronic wallet solutions will dominate this market.

Are you concerned with the impact of shifting regulatory environments? What are your thoughts on the new regulations discussions, the rise of crypto in specific markets, the limitations for you to pay more, and the increased attention to KYC and AML?

Absolutely, we are concerned about the the regulatory enviroments. We must find a way to be more competitive. We are also trying to work with other payment companies and complete the payment methods intergration.

What is your plan for 2020, considering the global situation, with events cancelled and postponed? Tell us how you feel about the effects of this on your business, if there are any.

Yes, as lots of events were cancelled, our sports betting business got negatively impacted. There is almost no volume these past few months. But we are still positive. We hope a vaccine will be produced soon.

Are you contemplating on bringing in investors to scale up and bring further innovation to grow your business?

Right now, no. Our plan is to get Visa channel as soon as possible. The whole process is going well so far.

Are you planning to attend some of the biggest conferences when the situation goes back to normal, hopefully by Fall? Which event are you targeting?

We have attended ICE 2020 in London. We plan to attend IGB 2020. If this event gets cancelled, we will attend the next one. We attend ICE and IGB every year.


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