Interview with OWNR Wallet

OWNR Wallet

Crypto wallet company

OWNR Wallet is a private limited company based in Estonia and is focused on the development of a gamechanging wallet devised as part of a multi-asset crypto ecosystem.

Please introduce your brand, its advantages and tell us something about the team behind the brand. Maybe some unique selling points important to our iGaming, Bitcoin casino, and crypto audience?


OWNR Wallet is part of the OWNR ecosystem we are working on. The team has a track record in blockchain, e-commerce, fintech projects.

What is your current role and what are your biggest challenges? Can you tell us something more about your background?


We are currently focused on adding more assets and payments methods. We are also working to integrate partners who will be using OWNR to provide the options of quick cryptocurrency purchase to their customers.

Key challenges lie in the development and regulation. In our case, the development is more challenging than it would be for some other wallet, as we are laying the foundation for the whole ecosystem, not just a wallet. As for the regulation, we are obtaining license in the USA at the moment, and we’ll be getting licenses in other strategic markets later.

Tell us about your achievements in 2019 and how 2020 stared for you.


OWNR was launched in April 2019 with some basic functionality like sending, receiving, exchanging crypto. Throughout the year we worked to improve UI and launch the desktop version. We added the purchase of main coins with fiat, too, and made it truly cross-platform.

Which markets do you focus on and do you see potential in the emerging markets?


We aim to expand our presence worldwide. All the options except purchase crypto with fiat are available regardless of the country.

Speaking of purchase, we are based in Estonia, so our license covers all the European countries. We’ll soon have a license for selling crypto for fiat in the US as well. We are also targeting at the Asian markets as they have an enormous potential.

Tell us something more about the integration process and how you manage it.


The API integration for processing is managed by our tech team in cooperation with the tech team of the other party. I’ll connect you with our CTO if you would like to discuss the details.

What do you think will be the next step for the payment industry?


The economy is moving to digitalization and adoption of crypto, and the payment industry is not exception. The share of the traditional institutions is eaten away by fintech. And things like COVID19 contribute to this trend.

Are you concerned by the impact from shifting regulatory environments? How do you see the new regulations discussions, the rise of crypto on specific markets, the limitations for you to pay more and more attention to KYC and AML?


We started as a fully licensed and compliant cryptowallet from the very beginning, and we pose it as one of our advantages. We are watching the KYC/AML regulatory landscape, including the changes brought by the 5 AML Directive. Currently we do not see any difficulty in abiding to these regulations.

What’s your plan for 2020, considering the global situation, events cancelled and postponed? Tell us how do you feel the effects on your business already/if any


We are hiring new developers and keep working on the OWNR ecosystem. We’ll be adding more assets and expanding the functionality of the wallet. And, of course, we always welcome partner integrations. As for the effects, we expect the rise of interest in crypto and the following increase of the turnovers. Current events are not a major crisis indeed.

Are you contemplating bringing in investors to scale, bring further innovation or grow your business?


Sure. The functionality implemented at the moment is just a basis. We divide our target audience in three segments: Users, Developers, Enterprise.

Are you planning to attend some of the biggest conferences when situation is back to normal, hopefully till fall? Which one you target, if so?


We currently do not consider any events and focus on the development.

And last, but not least – could you share some exclusive news with us – new partners, plans, products to be released


We are adding EOS soon. And we are about to make SEPA payments available on the website.

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