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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: BitStarz Continues Raising the Bar Across iGaming Industry

"We keep raising the bar across the industry with our market-leading promotions, our epic loyalty programs and an affiliate program that is second to none," said Srdjan Kapor, Head of Affiliation & Acquisition at BitStarz Casino.

In an exclusive interview with, BitStarz, through its Head of Affiliate & Acquisition Srdjan Kapor, described what sets itself apart from other online casino brands in the industry. Below is the full transcript of the interview.

Bitstarz is one of the leading names in the industry. Tell us how you got there and what made you different and so successful. What are your core brand values?

When we launched BitStarz back in 2014, we set out with the goal of standing out from the crowd by innovating and delivering a first-class online casino experience that was like nothing the world had seen before. We launched only accepting Bitcoin, eventually moving to accept fiat currencies too – becoming the first fully regulated online casino in the world to do this.

So, from the word go we proved to the world we’re not afraid to be different and break the industry norms, and players are loving it. We keep raising the bar across the industry with our market leading promotions, our epic loyalty programs and an affiliate program that is second to none.

We strive to be different, putting the customer first. Many online casinos say they do this, but very few have been voted the Players Choice Casino at the AskGamblers Awards. This award is a testament to our devotion to the players – giving them exactly what they want.

The players are our number one priority, and without their incredible support over the years we would have struggled to become the pioneers of the online casino industry that we’re known to be.

Do you have some predictions for 2020? What do you think will be the BIG thing?

There have been many trends in the online casino world over the years, but very few have gone on to define the industry. We think that’s all about to change in 2020 and data will become the next big trend we see online casinos utilizing. With the global economy looking rather shaky, the whole industry is looking to become as streamlined as possible.

Online casinos will begin to use the data they gather more effectively by implementing big data teams to help increase player acquisition and retention levels. This is something we’ve noticed is taking off in the past few years, and with bottom lines beginning to shrink across the industry, becoming more efficient is going to be key. So, keep an eye out for more targeted and effective campaigns across the board.

How do you see the potential in the crypto market in very specific markets like Asia? What is the key to success and growth?

Asia is a rather tricky beast to master, but with the right tools it can be cracked. Due to government and bank-imposed regulations, players from the Asian market do struggle to use their money on hobbies such as online gaming. Fortunately, crypto provides an alternative way for the people to take back control of their money and spend it in whichever way they wish.

Additionally, we’ve implemented an entire Japanese team to help us break into Japan, tackling a huge Asian market. With the knowledge and market experience, our Japanese team has helped us get a strong foothold in the country and we’re actively looking to use this experience to conquer the whole of Asia.


Do you see some potential in other cryptos, different than BTC and ETH for the industry?

Cryptocurrencies are all designed for one reason or another, so it really depends on how people decide to use various cryptocurrencies. Most have been designed to interact with the various networks, not to be used as a method of payment. So, while some cryptocurrencies might have a future in the industry, the list of those that have no future is significantly longer.

For those with some financial value and a strong development team behind them, we can see a bright future in the online gaming world. Players don’t like to wait for deposits and withdrawals, so cryptocurrencies with fast transaction times and low network downtime could eventually creep into the space and become popular play currencies.

That being said, unless an online casino brands itself specifically as a Tron, XRP, DASH or IOTA casino, then we cannot see any of these altcoins overtaking Bitcoin and Ethereum as popular cryptocurrencies to pay with at casinos.

Having been in the industry for six years, BitStarz has made itself known for its huge library of crypto games, lucrative casino bonuses, and convenient payment options.



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